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“You Are Becoming Desperate”-Activist, Richard Akinnola Writes Buhari

“You Are Becoming Desperate”-Activist, Richard Akinnola Writes Buhari


My dear president,

I greet you in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ.
Some months ago, l made a similar post which l am about to make now.

Between 2014 and 2015, l campaigned vigorously for you. As a matter of fact, l coined the word FEBUHARI, when the presidential election was initially fixed for February. Again, because the election was initially fixed for February 14, Valentine’s day, l made T-shirts with the inscription- “Buhari is my Valentine”.

Mr president, your election was divine. Why did l say so? You had no control over the police, the DSS, the Army and you didn’t have the kind of financial war chest Jonathan had. But despite all these, God gave you victory and the incumbent accepted defeat before the final announcement of results. That can only be God, not you Mr president. And in addition to this sir, for the first time, there was no litigation that would distract you.

Mr president, God has been kind to you. Or how else could you have explained your miraculous recovery when you were on death bed in London?

However, Mr president, it is unfortunate that your desperation for re-election has made you to forget what God has done for you and how you got to where you are. Now, you have decided to do it by the flesh, as we Christians say. God would simply step aside and allow you do it your own way. Of course, you know that would not end well.

As l earlier stated, if you got to this office without any strong-arm tactics, it would amount to stabbing God at the back if you now begin to deploy the security forces to deal with your opponents, just because of 2019 election.

Mr president, you would be shooting yourself in the foot by doing that and at the end of the day, it would be disastrous. You may temporarily succeed and get re-elected, but l tell you sir, the consequences would be dire for you because God would not be part of it.

I am a Christian, so l can only give Biblical example. When God left Saul, he was still on the throne for quite some time -See 1 Samuel 15. And in subsequent passages, the Bible records that when God left Saul, an evil spirit took control of him and he started making mistakes till his end. Sir, you can still make amends and return to the path of rectitude.

Don’t listen to the anarchists among your followers and the cabal, egging you on. They did so to Abacha but they didn’t enter the grave with him when he died.
In fact, some of the people prodding you on this path of perdition, had been scheming on who would be vice president to Osinbajo when you were on the death bed in London. But God saved you for a purpose. I beg you Mr president, don’t abuse the grace of God.

Some of your die-hard supporters would of course dismiss this letter, but in few years time, we shall revisit it. God is using me to pass a message.

May God guide you right.

Your compatriot,
Richard Akinnola

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