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Woman Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Look Better In Selfies!!!

Woman Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Look Better In Selfies!!!

In a world where the rich are getting richer by the second, the pressure of too much money does take a toll on a few. Some end up willing their fortune to their freaking cats at the expense of their kids, others commit suicide because they can’t find the right shoe for an event, while some¬† go under the blade just to look better for Instagram.

Yes, it’s true. 33-year-old Christa Hendershot¬†reportedly spent $3,000 to alter her veiny, red knuckles because she wants her engagement selfies to be the perfect!

As ABC News reported, Hendershot believed that her hands were excessively veiny and red. So, she turned to Dr. Ariel Ostad in New York and asked him to offer some surgical toning.

So great, it seems, is the need to have socially networked photographs that are the apogee of perfection that people are prepared to spend significant sums to achieve it.

Ostad told ABC News: “I’ve noticed over the last six months (that) patients actually bring a selfie in the examining room. They show me what bothers them and what they would like to fix.”

One stray thought that might bother some is that if you don’t like your hands, you don’t need to take a thousand selfies of them wearing the ring. You could just photograph the ring. Perhaps that’s too rational. Perhaps that just doesn’t inject enough self into self-expression.

Hendershot isn’t even the first to undergo surgery for the perfect engagement ring selfie. Some women reportedly believe their hands are too “boyish,” for example, and get a “hand lift.”

However, Hendershot’s $3,000 seems little when compared to the $15,000 spent earlier this year by Tirana Lavey, who believed that her nose simply wasn’t selfie-friendly. Her old nose, that is.

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