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U.S doctor survives Ebola, discharged

U.S doctor survives Ebola, discharged

The United States doctor treated for Ebola Virus Disease at an American hospital, Kent Brantly, has been discharged after recovering from the virus.

He was released by authorities of Emory University Hospital,Atlanta, alongside another patient, Nancy Writebol, who works for North Carolina-based aid group – SIM.

However, Ms. Writebol was discharged on Tuesday after showing remarkable recovery from the disease.

They both recovered after receiving the experimental Ebola drug – Zmapp.

Brantly and Writebol were infected while working at a missionary clinic outside Liberia capital.

They came in contact with a Liberian health care worker who showed symptoms of Ebola Virus. The Liberian died few days later.

Brantly was flown out of Monrovia on August 2, while Writebol landed in  U.S August 5.

At a press briefing monitored on CNN, Thursday, Dr. Bruce Ribner, who heads the Emory University Hospital unit, where the two Americans were treated, said Brantly and Writebol spent three weeks at the hospital infectious disease unit.

He expressed delight with the patients’ courage.

“The blood tests done in a two-day period on the patients have gone back to negative. Dr.Brantly can return to his family,” he said.

Dr. Brantly said he was thrilled to be alive.

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