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Toyin Saraki wants more partnership between governments and Philanthropists
H.E Mrs Toyin Saraki with Jane Wales, Moderator, CEO, Global Philanthropy Forum & Word Affairs

Toyin Saraki wants more partnership between governments and Philanthropists

The Founder-President of Wellbeing Foundation Africa, Her Excellency Mrs Toyin Ojora Saraki has called for better partnership between governments, their agencies and philanthropists in order to avoid a ” one-size-fits-all” approach for proffering solutions.

Mrs Saraki made the assertion today as a Panelist at the African Philanthropy Forum, which this year has the theme “African Philanthropy in a Changing Global Context.”.

She stated: “I am delighted to join philanthropists and Government representatives to discuss what African governments can do to create an enabling environment for home-grown philanthropy and social investments.
“Africa, with some of the fastest-growing economies in the world and yet facing huge challenges, presents a massive opportunity for those wishing to invest. It also represents a risk for philanthropists, both home-grown and from abroad, due to key issues that Governments all over the continent must deal with in order to facilitate effective philanthropy and foster investments.”
“The enormous benefit of governments partnering with philanthropists is avoiding the “one size fits all” approach. At the WBFA, we never sought to work against the local context or alienate existing organizations. Instead we collaborate with stakeholders and existing structures to create innovative but pragmatic measures which have an enormous impact on health outcomes.”
Mrs  Saraki was speaking on the panel which explored the topic “The Role of Government in Fostering Homegrown Philanthropy” alongside Mr George Kronnisanyn Werner, the Liberian Minister of Education, and Okey Enelamah, the Nigerian Minister of Trade & Investment. The panel was moderated by Jane Wales, the CEO of Global Philanthropy Forum & World Affairs.
The aim of the panel was to address the issue of limited collaboration between governments at the federal, state and local levels and philanthropists for solving problems and scaling high-impact initiatives, as partners with a shared responsibility to foster sustainable development.
This year, the African Philanthropy Forum was aimed at exploring the role of philanthropists in shaping the continent’s future through their influence and role as catalysts, showcasing strategies for promoting collaborations, lessons learned and opportunities for deepening and strengthening philanthropy.


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