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Tinubu Declares Presidential Ambition

Tinubu Declares Presidential Ambition

After weeks of denials, for the first time ever, the former Governor of Lagos State and a leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has revealed that he has presidential ambition.

Tinubu said he has the right to be the President of Nigeria regardless of his religion and state of origin, telling those mounting opposition against his political aspiration to find something else to do.
His words: “We must choose the right person to lead the battle. And nobody, no one under the sun, under the United Nations Human Rights Charter can stop a Bola Tinubu’s ambition.
” If I want to be the President, I have that right, regardless of which zone, religion and which state.” Already, there are permutations in the APC of a Muslim-Muslim ticket, which will feature Muhammadu Buhari and Tinubu in the 2015 presidential election.

Speaking yesterday at the APC secretariat in Lagos, the former governor said APC will feature the best candidate in 2015 election, whether the person is a Christian or Muslim. Tinubu later told the party members, who asked him about his decision on the 2015 presidency, “I will let you know my decision.”
Tinubu also took a swipe at the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over the state of the nation, saying that President Goodluck Jonathanled PDP government has failed Nigerians in terms of security of lives and properties, youth employment and delivering dividends of democracy to Nigerians.
His words: “The solution to the suffering of the masses is not about the prayer of a pastor or about the Islamic cleric. What we are talking about is not an election of a vicar or bishop not of a Muslim Imam or cleric; it is about individual with the character and the brain and the capacity to govern. “If you are a Christian and you are good, you will win our support.
If you are a Muslim and you are good, you will win our support. At the time of need, we must choose right leaders to face the battle and confront the challenge facing the country.” Also speaking on whether Governor Babatunde Fashola’s successor should be a Muslim or Christian, Tinubu urged the party’s faithful to shun those promoting Muslim or Christian agenda in Lagos. He also advised Lagosians to use their votes wisely. “We are not going to listen to them; we are going to do our best. If a Christian is competent and qualified in Lagos, we would vote massively for him or her. Don’t listen to their campaign; listen to your leaders.
We will give you the best support,” the APC national leader disclosed. Ahead of the April 23 state congress in Lagos State, Tinubu advised the party members to vote for credible people as the state party executives. He also disclosed the party decision to zone 30 per cent position to women and 30 per cent to youths, while the remaining 40 per cent is allocated for elders in the party.


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  1. Bola Ahmed invoking UNHRD as a premise to run for presidency is just a calculated mistake as the 40% allocated for elders is a non recognition of the need to change power in Nigeria(ref to the pendulum of Dr Dele Momodu in thisday) here he cautioned the opposition parties to be able to trust the youths to enable them develop confidence in the system and also to give way to the perpetualism /monotonism of the opposition. Referring to the word of the PDP general secreatary who said APC is a party of the losers. I am now understanding such statement as being a party for recycled leaders. How on earth can Buhari/Tinubu ticket challenge Jonathan/Sambo. Please it is high time to give the youths and women greater participation in the Nigerian political Terrain. Please APC NWC must reconsider allowing Buhari/Tinubu presidential ticket for the sack of a better Nigeria and if APC cannot set good example then how can we start invoking UNHRD just on the basis of political gains without looking at the other articles like the right to education, development, economic etc. Our nation can only progress if we do things differently. The youths are ready and energized enough to take up responsibility to make Nigeria a better place.

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