Home » Headline » Tears galore as Gilbert Chagoury buries son in Paris
Tears galore as Gilbert Chagoury buries son in Paris
Gilbert Chagoury buries son in Paris

Tears galore as Gilbert Chagoury buries son in Paris

It was uncontrollable tears all the way for family and friends of the powerful Chagoury family as Ramez, the first son of billionaire businessman, Gilbert Chagoury was laid to rest in Paris, France.

We have it on good authority that Ramez fondly called Rico who was 45 years old was laid to rest on Thursday June 11-and many celebrated Nigerians including Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu were there to bid him farewell.

The mood that day was sombre particularly for Ambassador Gilbert Chagoury and his brother, Ronald, who had struggled for years to ensure that Rico became a success story. They are both Promoters of Eko Atlantic and have substantial shares in Eko Hotel & Suites.



We gathered that Rico was ill before his untimely death but some insiders revealed certain information on what allegedly caused his death but as a mark of respect to the grieving family, we have decided not to disclose these details.

Following our exclusive story of his unfortunate death, we had received some tributes from close friends: Perasic, a friend from Germany wrote ” I read the condolences over and over and I can ‘t get over it. Rico was such a great person, he had such a lovely soul, made everybody laugh and helped where he could.

He was great hearted…with his beautiful brown eyes and his bright eyes . He had an aura that shone like a star. If only we could turn back the time…. I’m shocked… sad and there is no word which can take the grief away… My dear friend Rico, rest in peace, God bless your soul…we miss you until we meet again”

Pamela Hill wrote “Words cannot express our sincere condolences for your loss. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers at this time. Rest in peace, Rico. You will be missed.

We also had comments from the Fattal family (Mirelle and Stephanie) who also expressed their sense of loss. Particularly pained was Stephanie who just wrote ” RIP”.

In case you do not know, The Chagoury Group is an industrial conglomerate with interests in construction, real estate, property development and hotels. The  Chagoury Group own, as well, industries in agribusiness, flour mills, water bottling, glass, aluminium, furniture and other construction-related manufacturing. The Group is also owner of companies in telecommunications, IT, insurance, and international finance”

“A staunch Catholic, Gilbert Chagoury is a friend and confidant to Presidents, Heads of State and business leaders around the world. he is an insider of real-politics and advisor in policy matters and issues of diplomatic sensitivity in West and Central Africa.In 1995, Gilbert Chagoury was appointed Ambassador and Special Representative of UNESCO to St. Lucia.

“Ambassador Chagoury has built a career on acute business acumen with visionary leadership and humble philanthropic service that has made him one of the most highly respected industrialists in the world. But perhaps more than any other single attribute, Ambassador Chagoury has demonstrated a dedication to democracy, peace and the cultivation of healthy, thriving economic environments in which the average person can employ his full range of talents to reach his God-given potential”.


  1. Gilbert Chagoury and family are a bunch of criminals, stop describing them as saints.
    Rico died due to sadness of his family’s criminal business dealings, he was depressed about it for years!

  2. So true. He told me he was afraid of his father. And never wanted to be like him.

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