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Spainish FA Reveals Why It Sacked Coach

Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales has revealed that the federation was “forced” to sack Julen Lopetegui when he agreed to join Real Madrid without informing it.

“It’s the Spanish team. You cannot do things this way,” added Rubiales.

Rubiales insists the situation is “very complicated” but believes the coaching staff will “do everything in their power” to help Spain succeed at the World Cup.

“I admire Julen a lot, I respect him a lot, I think he’s a top trainer and that makes it more difficult to make the decision,” said Rubiales.

“I don’t feel betrayed. Lopetegui, while he’s been with us, has done impeccable work.

“I know it’s a very difficult situation. I know there’s going to be criticism whatever I do.

“I’m sure this will, in time, make us stronger.

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