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Showbiz guru, Edi Lawani honoured in Michigan, USA
Edi Lawani with wife, Tonia at the award ceremony

Showbiz guru, Edi Lawani honoured in Michigan, USA

One of the most consistent and steady behind-the-scene gurus in the Nigerian entertainment industry, Edi Lawani has been honoured by his people in far away, Detriot, Michigan, USA.

The Igarra Progressive Union (IPU), USA branch conferred the honour to Lawani for his immense contribution to Nigeria and his community at its 2nd Bennial Convention.

Lawani, who is an events co-ordinator extraordinaire, apart from being behind the success of many major and huge shows and events in Nigeria, also helped to nurture and promote many young talents from obscurity to popularity.Virtually everybody who is somebody in the Nigerian entertainment knows Edi Lawani.

For example, Top Julius Agwu in his book “Jokes Apart” paid tribute to Edi Lawani and his wife, Tonia, for helping him find his bearing in the industry.

Julius wrote about the shorts-loving and taciturn gentleman” Edi Lawani is someone else I stood on his shoulders…I remember that Edi used to handle sound for all for all the A-list shows, so when he noticed that I was talented, he was always giving me the elder brother kind of advice.He was one those people that really advised me on how to package myself”

Speaking about Lawani, Dr. Charles Jagun,President Igarra Progressive Union, USA noted that he was one Igarra son that has done his people proud by excelling in his chosen profession and line of business.

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