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Salted water therapy kills two

Salted water therapy kills two

Two people have lost their lives in Jos, Plateau State as a result of the use of the salted water therapy to neutralise the effects of the Ebola virus.

20 other users are also being hospitalised.

The two victims were said to have died due to the effects of heavy salt intake.

The salt provoked the rise of their high blood preasure (BP) and they were rushed to the hospital where they later died.

Those who died included  a taxi driver and  a woman from the Jos South Local Government Area of the  state.

A source, who spoke to our reporter and does not want his name in print, said about 20  persons are currently in various hospitals in the city.

According to the source,  the people rushed to the hospitals are hypertensive, adding that they are mostly women and children.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has advised Nigerians to disregard a text message and postings on social media that hot water and salt may be used to prevent the Ebola infection and cure infected persons.

The Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku, said in a statement in Abuja yesterday that the people should disregard such rumours as cure had yet to be found for the disease.

The message reads: “Please ensure that you and your family and all your neighbours bath with hot water and salt before daybreak today because of Ebola virus which is spreading through the air.’’

Maku said the information being circulated to Nigerians about the cure for the disease was false and should not be taken seriously.

“Nigerians have been urged to disregard rumours being circulated in the social media that bathing with hot water and salt cures the Ebola disease.

 “There is no cure yet for the Ebola disease. What is being circulated is only a rumour that will only mislead Nigerians,’’ he said.

The minister said Nigerians had already been informed on the necessary steps to adopt to avoid the spread of the virus and would be duly informed on additional measures when necessary.

He urged the people to continue to maintain maximum environmental and personal hygiene to guard against contracting the virus.

The federal and state governments have been on the alert on the control of a possible spread of the virus.

The government had also dismissed claims that bitter kola could be used to cure the disease or prevent people from contracting the disease.

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