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Rivers re-run:Wike, Fayose discussion exposed!
Governor of Rivers State: Nyesom Wike

Rivers re-run:Wike, Fayose discussion exposed!

While the nation awaits the video recording that Governor Nyesom Wike said he had on how the Police Commissioner in Rivers State planned to rig the Rivers re-run elections, a second audio recording a telephone conversation between Governor Nyesom Wike and Governor Ayo Fayose has come to light according to Sahara Reporters.

A transcript of the recording is as follows.:

Wike: Ayodele my son!
Fayose: You think I’m Nigerian Army member?
Wike: Nigerian Army does not exist again now!
Fayose: Ah, Wike, you tried!
Wike: (Laughter) Ha! Ha! Ha….!
Fayose: Everybody has been calling me! Wike, you are the man! You faced the whole country’s military threat…
Wike: (Laughter)
Fayose: They were shooting when you went o..!
Wike: My brother, you have to fight to the last o…! Kill everybody you can kill… Everybody you can kill!
Fayose: Ah! You’re the man of the year! This one is too much for one person! Everyone couldn’t know the way forward!
Wike: (Laughter)
Fayose: You went to collating centre!
Wike: Yes, I had to stop there!
Fayose: Eh! The video is all over now! See the way they’re shooting!
Wike: (Laughter)
Fayose: All over! Aaaargh! Congrats!
Wike: My brother, thank god for everything. It is god.
Fayose: I’m sure we are still going to go court against them for the other one.
Wike: Of course. Of course! We’ll fight it out!
Fayose: You’ve done well for all of us!
Wike: We thank god my brother!
Fayose: I’ll call you later.
Wike: Okay.






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