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Prophet Cladio Reveals”New Party will take over from APC in 2019
Pastor Francis Olumide Cladio

Prophet Cladio Reveals”New Party will take over from APC in 2019

The Pastor of Royal Church of the Wise Assembly, Apostle Francis Olumide Cladio, has predicted that a party in the making will take power from the ruling APC government in 2019

Let us now talk about some of your prophecies that have come to pass? The one you prophesied last December how many have come to pass?

There is nothing that I talked about that has not come to pass, I told people even about the dollar that rose sometime ago, I told them that God said it will come down, some people said we are going to buy dollars for N600 and I said it will not get to that stage, that it will crash, so it is one of those things I said.

Even the exposure of people that embezzled government funds, I have said it for long that it will happen, I said secrets will be leaked and I prophesized that funny things will begin to happen something we would hear and we would say could this be true, when the President Buhari was sick and they were carrying rumour that he is dead. I said he is not dead and that he will come back.

What is your view about Christians taking part in politics considering the way it is practiced in Nigeria?

Somebody asked me a question one time I was on a live radio program; he called and asked whether it is good for a Christian to participate in politics?

I asked a question, ‘if you abandon politics for people who are not of God then what do you think will happen?’

People of God should also be there, we are not talking about the people that always say I’m a Christian.

No, we are talking about people that have the fear of God, those who have the heart of God; I think if people that have the heart of God, fear of God is there, we won’t be hearing all these kinds of things that we hear around.

Do you think they can emerge as winners considering the way politics is played?

That is what we are praying about now, that God should take over, when God takes over he would put his people there and I believe that a time is coming that God himself will take over, you know we use to pray that Let thy Kingdom come, the Kingdom of God would come to Nigeria, God would seize every power there and he will put his children there and peace will begin to reign.

Do you have any prophecy for Nigeria or South West ahead of 2019 election?

Yes, I even mentioned it today, a party is coming and it is going to be a party of new people, with new ideas, new vision that will turn Nigeria to what God wants it to be.

Nigeria will know peace, peace will come to this country, peace will reign in this country, and the party is coming sir, that’s it.

What is your view about the war against corruption been fought by the Federal Government now?

To me I think corruption is something we should fight against because corruption in Nigeria is everywhere even in the church.

For instance, if you are sending a young child to go and buy something for you, you will have to bribe him or her by telling him/her go and buy that thing for me and when you come back I will give you something, that will now hasten the child’s movement otherwise he won’t go.

Culled from New Telegraph

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