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Power Supply Drops Again

Power Supply Drops Again

THE energy sent out by the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) has dropped to 2,954.51 megawatts (MW).

The Federal Ministry of Power stated this on its website at the weekend, in the record of power generation and transmission in the market as at December 11.

There was no disclosure of what the market actually delivered to electricity consumers from the electricity distribution companies.

But it was certain that what got to the customers would be less than 2,954.51 megawatts, following weak and insufficient transformers and other obsolete equipment at the distribution end.

Of the 3,271.12MW that the electricity generation companies produced on December 11, the transmission company only evacuated 2,954.51MW, leaving 64.01MW stranded.

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) responsible for transmitting power to the distribution companies was said to possess the capacity for 6,000MW.

According to the statistics, power generation reduced from 3,271.21MW on December 2 to 3,018.52MW on December 11. This was an indication that power generation dipped within nine days by 252.69MW.

The statistics also showed that the peak power generation that was 3,554.60MW on December 2 dropped to 3,385.9MW on December 11.

Peak energy demand forecast for the market, according to the statistics, is 12,800MW.


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