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Policeman buys grocery, shoes etc for poor shoplifter!
Shoplifter: Lucky excape

Policeman buys grocery, shoes etc for poor shoplifter!

Race relations has now been dragged into a gesture by a Policeman in Kansas City, USA who was called to arrest a shoplifter but ended up paying for the items and releasing the woman!

Sarah Robinson, the widowed, homeless mother of six tried shoplifting $300 worth of diapers, shoes and baby wipes avoided jail after Roeland Park Police Officer, Mark Engravalle arrived the Walmart store and showed mercy.

“What she did wrong was against the law, but her heart was in the right place with wanting to help to take care of her children” the officer stated

Officer Mark Engravalle of the Roeland Park Police Department answered the shoplifting call, according to the Prairie Village Post. When he arrived, he saw that Robinson’s youngest kids were barefoot and decided to learn a bit more about their background.

“He noticed [what she stole] were necessities like diapers, shoes for the kids, some clothing,”John Demoss, Roeland Park public information officer, told ABC News. “He asked her what the situation was, and she broke down crying.”

The officer listened to Robinson’s story and learned that the family had been struggling financially. After issuing Robinson a citation for theft, Engraville went into Walmart and used his own money to purchase the items the family needed, The Kansas City Star reported.

“Obviously she is going through a tough time,” Engravalle told 41 Action News. “Walmart might see her as a criminal, but I just saw her as a mom going through a really difficult time.”

Robinson and her six daughters had been living mostly in her car, but recently, their belongings were stolen from the vehicle, ABC News reported. Engravalle, who has two kids of his own, thought of his own children and felt compelled to help. On top of buying diapers, baby wipes and clothes for the kids, he also let the girls pick out their own shoes. The move left Robinson overwhelmed with gratitude.

“There isn’t enough words in the world to thank him enough,”she told ABC News. “Me and my girls are indebted to him forever.”

Following the incident, Police Chief John Morris and Sgt. Randy Costlow helped Robinson set up a bank account, Prairie Village Post reported. And as the news of Engravalle’s good deed spread, local radio stations also got involved in helping the family. Hosts of KMBZ’s radio show “Dana and Parks” put out a call for donations and brought in more than $6,000 for the family. KCMO, another station, organized a donation drive to collect some basic essentials for the family as well as other monetary donations. The outpouring of support has changed Robinson’s outlook on life.

But some black activists are already crying foul, stating that had the shoplifter been dark-skinned the treatment would have been different. “How many homeless black shoplifters have officers released for shoplifting” they queried. “It is another example of the inequality in the policing system in this country” they stated


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