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Osun APC debunks alleged discovery of fake ballot papers

Osun APC debunks alleged discovery of fake ballot papers

OSUN State All Progressives Congress (APC) has debunked the claim by the    state Peoples Democratic Party that 11,000 fake ballot papers were discovered in the inspection of electoral documents used in the August 9 governorship poll.

The party’s spokesperson, Kunle Oyatomi, in a statement in Osogbo, the state capital yesterday, said the attention of APC had been drawn to “the blatant falsehood being bandied around by the PDP.

“This claim is nothing, but a joke taken too far by people who are nothing but enemies of progress and development in our dear state. Their past-time is to use all manner of dubious tactics to hoodwink unsuspecting public into believing their good-for-nothing petition has any shred of credibility.”

The Election Petition Tribunal had granted an order of inspection of all polling documents to both the PDP and APC since  September 9.

The inspection at the INEC office was in two folds – getting the Certified True Copy of all the result sheets obtained by both parties and scanning the ballot papers for the purpose of forensic analysis.

The APC, in the statement, said: “The only equipment authorised to be brought to the INEC office are the photocopiers and scanners and no other. One wonders how photocopiers and scanners will discover fake ballot as claimed by the PDP liars!

“Our team of inspectors is also on ground inspecting electoral materials and contrary to PDP falsehood, at no time did any PDP representative raised the issue that any ballot paper was fake. So, it is mischievous to state that the INEC was unable to explain the presence of fake ballot papers.

“To buttress the point that the promoters of this falsehood are on a wild goose chase and are all out to entertain themselves, the basis upon which their petition is based is that in almost all the polling units, result sheets were not signed and stamped by the presiding officers, thereby rendering the result null and void.

“However, the certified true copies of the result sheets have shown that the result sheets were signed, stamped and even authenticated by PDP agents in all the polling units being challenged. Curiously, in some units that PDP claimed that election was rigged, it was PDP that had highest scores on the result forms. What an absurdity of a reckless petition?”

The party said the phantom claim of discovery of fake ballot papers was a product of hallucinating minds of dishonorable persons who have no regard for truth and integrity of the judicial process.

It added: “We are in receipt of the Certified True Copy of all Result Forms (EC8A, EC8B, EC8C, EC8D and EC8E), particularly Form EC8A across all the polling units in the 30 local government in the state and we discovered contrary to the PDP claim in their petition that all the result sheets were not only signed, they were stamped by the respective presiding officers and countersigned by the party agents, including PDP agents.

“It is therefore a demonstration of crass irresponsibility of the PDP to now turn a mere inspection of polling documents that had revealed nothing untoward to an avenue where they allocate imaginary votes, which they failed to legitimately earn at the August 9 election to themselves and disturb the peace of the state with their odious noise of a victory that will never be.”

The APC urged its supporters to ignore the alleged “falsehood of PDP, which is merely calculated to hoodwink their paymasters in Abuja.”

“For the PDP pathological liars, we wish they will desist from ignoble act of misleading members of the public, an enterprise that ensured their failure at the August 9, 2014 governorship election in Osun in the first place,” it said.

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