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Offa: Nigerians Ask Police for Arms Supplier, Mike Adiukwu
Inspector-General Of Police, Ibrahim Idris

Offa: Nigerians Ask Police for Arms Supplier, Mike Adiukwu

As the Police continues its investigation into the Offa Robbery incident that led to the killing of 33 people, Nugerians are now asking for the whereabouts of Mike Adiukwu, a dismissed Policeman who was fingered as the arma supplier.

Views and comments monitored by our correspondents indicate that Nigerians are wondering why despite the confessions made by the alleged leaders of the notorious gang that carried out the crime nothing has been heard from Adiukwu.

A good number of the commentators were wondering if the Police was shielding its own or if they had been killed in custody.

Information released earlier by the Police on Adikwu stated: “Michael Adikwu, is a native of Apa LGA of Benue State, a dismissed police CPL (corporal) who was arrested, tried and dismissed from the force and charged to court by the police in 2012 in Kwara State for criminal conspiracy and aiding the escape from lawful custody of armed robbery suspects.

“He served three years in prison and subsequently found his way out in 2015. He became a vicious and notorious gang leader of armed robbery syndicate wanted for several armed robberies in Kwara and other states of the north-central and south-west.”

Adikwu, though, gave Daily Trust a contrasting account of his stay in the Police, although he did admit that he had developed a thick hatred for the Police.

“I was formerly working with the Kwara State Police Command, Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS),” he said.

“I was dismissed for allowing detained suspected armed robbers to walk. It was not my fault; it was a gang-up against me. Go and ask, I was one of the finest policemen at SARS, Kwara State Command. I undertake most of the difficult tasks. But for just one mistake, which was not my fault, I got kicked out of the force. I was not given fair-hearing, so I now hate everything about the police. The killing of the policemen (by him) was not a mistake, but quite deliberate. I see them as all the same.”

His absence at the last hearing has alerted the Network on Police Reform in Nigeria (NOPRIN) — a network of 46 civil society organizations spread across Nigeria, and committed to promoting police accountability and respect for human rights.

“NOPRIN wishes to observe that the suspects paraded days ago in the Offa robbery incident did not include the alleged chief armourer, a dismissed policeman called Adikwu,” it said in a statement on Friday.

“The key suspect who was interviewed by the press said the Adikwu provided the weapons for the operation but he was not paraded. Similarly, Ayo Opadokun’s son, Kayode, who was arrested, was not also paraded.

“There are emerging fears about the safety of these suspects who were not paraded. NOPRIN calls on the police to ensure the safety of the Adikwu and Kayode. They should be produced alive to have their day in court, to corroborate or rebut the police narrative that it was Senate President Saraki who provided the weapons.

“NOPRIN hereby calls on the police to publicly confirm the condition of these suspects. The police should produce the two suspects in order to douse the suspicion that they have been eliminated to cover up and to put fear in the other suspects that they would similarly be eliminated if they don’t cooperate by sticking with the police narrative that it was Saraki that supplied the weapons.

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