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Obasanjo’s Wife Shuns Son’s Wedding:My Son has defied the voice of God”

Obasanjo’s Wife Shuns Son’s Wedding:My Son has defied the voice of God”

Mrs Taiwo Obasanjo, the Estranged wife of Former Presisident Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday shunned the wedding of their only son, Olujuwon who got married to Tope Adebutu, daughter of billionaire businessman, Sir Kessington Adebutu.

According to Mrs. Obasanjo who had wanted the ceremony to be shifted till June 1 when the groom would have been 34 years old stated that though she dropped her planned protest at the venues Methodist Church, Tinubu, Lagos and Eko  Hotel & Suites venue of the ceremony, due to please from many prominent personalities, she did not attend the event because he had defied God.
Mrs. Obasanjo had opposed the wedding of her son on the grounds that according to a prophecy, he was forbidden from celebrating any elaborate wedding until he clocks 34.
Mrs. Obasanjo in a letter dated April 28, 2017 to the Prelate, Methodist Church of Nigeria, His Eminence Dr, Samuel C.K Uche had called on the church to probe what she described as “questionable, suspicious and rigidity of the 11th and 13th of May, 2017 chosen for the wedding of my son, Abraham Olujonwon to Tope Adebutu of Sir Kessington Adebutu”.
She claimed to have met with Mrs. Adebutu and her daughter on three occasions in October 2016 to inform them about the prophecy which forbade her son from celebrating an elaborate wedding until he attains the age of 34.
“In the month of October 2016, thrice I went to see Mary Dacosta and her daughter, Tope Adebutu at home to hold meetings with them and with respect I told them about the prophecy given to me on three occasions two to three years back, that any time Olujowon wants to get married, it should be done quietly with no noise, that elaborate wedding should be done after he turns 34 on the 1st of June… I was ridiculed by Rosemary Dacosta and her daughter, saying there is nothing I can do, that the wedding would go on before 1st of June, 2017,” she claimed.
Mrs. Obasanjo also claimed to have equally appealed to Sir Adebutu in January over the issue without any success.
Meanwhile the new couple has been enjoined not to allow anybody to come in between them.
In his sermon entitled “Oneness” during the holy matrimony, Rt. Rev Michael Akinwale, Secretary of Conference of Methodist Church Nigeria, urged the couple to unite as one flesh and live together emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually.
The cleric called on the couple to adhere to what he called the 10 golden rules that govern the institution of marriage. These, according to him are patience, undiluted love, trust, faithfulness and care for each other. Others are submissiveness, mutual respect and prayerfulness.
Rt. Rev Akinwale also urged the couple to see their marriage as an investment and admonished them to invest righteousness and commitment in their relationship just as he advised them to value each other.
When Sunday Sun correspondent called Mrs. Obasanjo to confirm if the protest against the wedding would still hold as planned, the following conversation ensued:

I will like to know if the protest will still hold as scheduled.
No, everyone has been calling me across the nation even from outside the country. Important people, men of God have been calling me to drop the protest. But I will not attend the wedding.
What will be your next line of action now that you are unable to stop the wedding?
I plan to take it to God. I am a prayerful woman. I am a project of the living God.
I am of the opinion that as a very spiritual person, you ought to have taken the matter to God in prayer from inception without resorting to public protest.
Go and read 2 Chronicles 20:21 and 22. Was Jehoshaphat not a spiritual person when forces that were mightier than him came against him? Was he not a spiritual person when he mobilised people and told them to dance and sing to the almighty God?
But having been prevailed upon and having changed your mind, don’t you think you are supposed to be at the event?
I will never be there. The Lord did not tell me to go.
But don’t you think your son won’t be happy that you refused to attend his wedding?
My son has decided to defy the warning of the almighty God. Who should be obeyed? Is it me, or he or the people that are forcing him that he must do the wedding by fire by force?
But then you must know that the decision does entirely lie with him. He is bound to obey his daddy who unfortunately holds a contrary view from yours or what do you think?
What is dilemma to a man of 34 and why the desperation when June 1 is just around the corner? Can’t he use his brain to say let me stick to the warning of God? The Lord says don’t engage in any noisemaking until after June 1, 2017. It is not that he should not get married. The instruction is that any marriage he is going to do before June 1 must be done quietly. Who is he supposed to honour? Is it his father or God?  This is not a wedding, it is a demonic gathering. He is my first son and my only son. He came through prophecy as well. It was revealed to me before his birth that he would come as a boy and that he should be named Abraham. The prophecy started since 1978 and it materialized many years later.
In one of your letters you described his father and the father of the bride as very spiritual people. Don’t you think that it is possible they are acting on a revelation contrary to the one you were given?
What contrary revelation? This young man did not say I want to marry this girl. He was introduced to the lady by my twin brother. For more than a year, this man never showed interest in the lady. It was when I stepped in a year after. I went to see the girl and she said they had only met once and that my son was not interested. She said my son was not picking her calls and that he was not inviting her to his house and that he said he doesn’t like fat girls. I said okay, it is true you are fat but you too can try and slim down and then I would pray to God to touch his heart. Then, I went and I prevailed on him and that was all. He didn’t court her for one single day.  What if I had not gone in prayer or I did not prevail on my son, would there have been any wedding. Anyway, let’s wait and see.

Additional Report from: The Sunday Sun

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