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Notorious gang, Badoo, kills man, pregnant wife & Kids in Ikorodu

Anger and grief overwhelmed residents of Ikorodu area of Lagos yesterday, following the killing of a man, his pregnant wife and two children by suspected members of the notorious and deadly cult group, Badoo. The third child of the couple was still unconscious, battling for life in the hospital at the time of this report.
The cultists, who struck in the wee hours of Monday, at the deceased’s residence at Letter N Junction, Radio Area, Erunwen, Ikorodu, cut open the pregnant woman and took away the foetus. The assailants also smashed their victims’ heads with a pestle.
A resident, Dare, narrating what happened said: “We woke up Tuesday morning and noticed that the family had not come out since morning. A neighbour noticed that one of the windows had been broken and we suspected that Badoo group may have struck. Our fears were confirmed when we peeped inside and saw the damage done. We rushed the small girl to the hospital.
“We want the government to come to our rescue, as this is about the 10th family; families have been wiped out by the gang. As I am talking to you, many families are relocating because no one knows the next victim. I am relocating too.”
Condemning the killings, coordinator, Ikorodu Ambassadors, Rasheed Fatuga, said the Badoo issue must be addressed urgently.
He decried the poor manner in which the issue was being handled, calling on the police, the state government and traditional institutions to act fast before the matter gets out of hand.
He said: “How long would this continue? What is their mission and purpose? Why kill families? What for? What gain? So sad! It is shocking and sad to see that Badoo gang hasn’t been neutralised.
“What happens in a community, where constituted authorities cannot provide security of life and property? What is the function of the Ikorodu Police Division when they cannot give us peace of mind? What is the essence of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad patrolling Ikorodu 24/7 looking for only Yahoo boys up and down?
“And where are the Ikorodu youths that are supposed to take the Badoo issue as their priority, talk about it on social media every time, forward the news to the Lagos State Government’s platforms, stand up against this negligible acts? They are nowhere to be found. Instead, they are busy carrying posters of politicians on their heads, politicians/leaders that are responsible for all these suffering in the first place.
“Kudos to the vigilance group of Ikorodu, they have been awesome, but they cannot do it all. They don’t have the resources. We need to re-orientate and equip them.
“We use this opportunity to call on our community, religious and political leaders to neutralise this ugly situation as soon as possible.
“Also, we are calling on Ikorodu indigenes/ambassadors all over the world, Muslim community, Christian associations, traditional worshippers, market men, women and all mothers in Ikorodu to stand up now. Remember, posterity is watching you all!”
Fatuga said the murderous gang “usually looks for easy access. They look for houses without burglary proofs, incomplete buildings, areas where there are few houses, so that even when victims scream for help in distress, they get none.
“It hasn’t been easy identifying and detecting the notorious gang because they don’t carry weapons on them when walking. They depend and use sharp objects and equipment at the scene to do their damage.”

Source :The sun

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