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Nigeria’s Power Generating Capacity Now 5,500mw

Nigeria’s Power Generating Capacity Now 5,500mw

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday inaugurated the rehabilitated Unit 6 and the overhauled Unit 4 of the Egbin Power Station in Lagos, which effectively added 240 megawatts to the national grid and also restored the power plant to its full capacity of 1,320 megawatts.

With the completion of the projects, the country’s power generation capacity now stands at 5,500 megawatts for the first time in history but actual generation on Saturday was 3,800 megawatts as a result of the recent acts of vandalism on of the Escravos-Lagos pipeline network, which supplies gas to some power stations.

Speaking at the official inauguration of Units 4 and 6 at Egbin, President Jonathan said the initiative was a major milestone in the government’s power reform programme.

“The facility introduces not just improvement in generation capacity of our nation but it is also a clear representation of the next logical step in our vision for reliable and qualitative access to power for our people. Since I launched the roadmap on power on August 26, 2010 in Lagos, I have been greatly encouraged at the progress so far towards reforming the power sector,” he said.

President Jonathan stated that based on the progress made so far, the country would get out of the current epileptic power supply very soon.

He said the fact remained that electricity would continued to be  the catalyst for the growth of economy, adding that a successful stabilisation of power would ultimately improve the lives of millions of Nigerians.

He said the power reform was to actualise the essence of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act of 2005, which strives to open up the sector and bring in the private ownership, management and financing to the industry, adding that his administration had laid a strong foundation for the electricity industry.

“So, for the government, there is no going backwards. We must actually stabilise power in our country. Today, the rehabilitation of the 220megawatts turbine has restored Egbin to its full capacity,” he added

He said the planned rehabilitation of the remaining four units by the new owners would increase the lifespan of the power station by additional 20 years. President Jonathan said his administration would remain focused, despite the security challenges, adding that he would reduce the current excesses of terror within a short time.

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