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Nigeria Will CHANGE!!!

Nigeria Will CHANGE!!!

The All Progressives Congress (APC) on Thursday said the dream of a new Nigeria would be actualised under the forthcoming administration of the President-elect, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and his deputy, Prof. Oluyemi Osinbajo now that the countdown had  begun.

The party also said Buhari’s victory signalled the dawn of a new era for Nigeria which, it said, would definitely guarantee economic breakthrough, social justice, institutional strengthening and the rule of law in all facets of life.

The APC National Vice Chairman (South West), Chief Pius Akinyelure said in a statement issued in Lagos, assuring all Nigerians across all divides that the beginning of new Nigeria, which he said they all desired and toiled for, “has finally come.”

Akinyelure noted that Buhari’s emergence in the just concluded presidential election “is, no doubt, a defining moment in Nigeria’s recent history. His victory, too, is for all citizens of Nigeria irrespective of party, race and religion.

“Given what happened during the electioneering, Buhari’s victory signals the dawn of a new era for Nigeria. It, also, indicates the beginning of new Nigeria, which we have all toiled to realise day and night through ballots and which they have long yearned to see after a 16-year reign of impunity in our fatherland.”

But Akinyelure said the victory at the poll was just a phase in the quest for new Nigeria, noting that the task for new Nigeria “does not end at the poll. We have developed an inclusive manifesto to respond to diverse socio-economic and political challenges, which has defined Nigeria as one of the world’s most troubled countries.”

The vice chairman, therefore, assured that under the Buhari-Osinbajo administration, the ugly trend of insecurity “will be effectively reverse. Aside, strong socio-political order that guarantee public safety will be established in the North-east and South-south so much so that it will create enabling environment for investments.

“The surging unemployed population will be meaningfully engaged with a view to creating wealth across divides and reversing trends that lead to the explosion of our fatherland. The unemployment rate currently put at 29 percent will be stemmed with the implementation of different programme we have already developed.

“Also, there is an assurance that institutions will be strengthened; the rule of law respected; human rights guaranteed; equal opportunities assured irrespective of political affiliation and social justice will ensured in all parts of the country in line with our manifesto. We will all witness the dawn of new Nigeria that we all desire.”

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