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Nespresso Launches first boutique in Dakar, Senegal
The Nespresso Boutique

Nespresso Launches first boutique in Dakar, Senegal

Nespresso, one of the world’s top coffee equipment and accessory brands, has launched its first innovative coffee-drinking boutique in Dakar, Senegal.

Coffee aficionados and lovers of unique sensory experiences will now be able to immerse themselves in the Nespresso universe in a magnificent space, 60 square metres in size, sporting the brand’s colours and the latest architectural concepts developed by Nespresso.

Visitors will be able to discover the full richness of the Nespresso universe in a friendly atmosphere, where Coffee Specialists will be delighted to provide them with information and assistance as they explore the brand and products. Stylish, cutting-edge machines are on display in the machine gallery, various accessory collections ensuring a high quality taste experience are featured in the collection area, and the wide range of exceptional Grands Crus add an additional splash of colour to the Grands Crus wall. And the visit doesn’t end there. Coffee fans can take a break in the tasting area to enjoy an exceptional Grand Cru prepared with passion and expertise by our Coffee Specialists.

This first opening of a Nespresso Boutique confirms Nespresso’s interest in the Senegalese market, particularly Dakar.

Pierre Debayle, Regional Manager of Nespresso Middle East & Africa

Pierre Debayle, Regional Manager of Nespresso Middle East & Africa

This long-awaited launch is perfectly aligned with the vision of sharing to which Nespresso is committed. According to Pierre Debayle, Regional Manager of Nespresso Middle East, Africa and Caribbean,  “Nespresso’s expansion in Africa continues with the opening in Senegal. Because of its coffee cultivation and its openness to the world, Senegal is one of the countries we have been looking at for some time. Now, with the opening of our boutique in Dakar, we are establishing an official and lasting presence in the country.


A Nespresso Boutique is the place for a unique coffee experience, boasting Coffee Specialists who can advise coffee lovers about our line of 23 Grands Crus, our machines of exceptional design, and our range of accessories. The Nespresso Club also provides assurance of impeccable service, from delivery through to repair, as well as a full line of products exclusively for professionals. While Senegal regularly demonstrates its ability to host international events, we are thrilled to be making a contribution to the country’s vitality. ”

Kardiatou Ouleye N’Diaye, General Manager of Daba Sénégal, official distributor, also commented on the arrival of the famous Swiss brand: “Today, we are thrilled about this first opening in Senegal. This new Boutique affirms Nespresso’s strategic choice to establish itself in Africa after launches in several countries in the region. It is also a great honour for us to represent the Nespresso brand in Senegal, where it is already very well known to the general public. We will work hard to meet coffee lovers’ expectations with our line of B2B and B2C products and services. This is a significant challenge for us and we will do all we can to meet it.”

Nespresso  provides solutions that are tailored for professionals and designed to meet the requirements of the most distinguished hosts, whether they are the world’s most reputable hotels or our business customers. Today, Nespresso’s dedicated professionals team supplies a line of products and services to professional customers in over 60 countries throughout the world. The business solutions offered by Nespresso are concentrated in a variety of business sectors (primarily offices, hospitality and travel), and provide services and solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers in each sector.



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