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Mbaka laments “We cannot reach Buhari to advice him”
Father Ejike Mbaka

Mbaka laments “We cannot reach Buhari to advice him”

Enugu Catholic priest Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka is lamenting that he has been unable to reach President Muhammadu because of the people now hanging around him.

He stated that he wanted to inform Mr President to ease the economic pains many Nigerians are suffering.

The coordinator of the Adoration Ministry, who is famous for his fiery sermons, spoke at the weekend in his New Year message at the “crossover service”.

”Many Nigerians are suffering,” he said.

“Though the President is trying on corruption and security, Nigerians are hungry; they want to see more changes.

“There is the need to assist businessmen and women in their businesses.”

The cleric advised the President to appoint experts who would help him to revive the economy.

Besides, he should consult Church leaders and eminent men of God to advise him and tell him the truth about the economy, he said.

“We cannot reach him for advice because of the kind of people around him,” Rev. Mbaka added.

He urged Nigerians to be patient and be prayerful “as your sufferings and hardship would be over in 2017.

“Nigeria is set to be great again,” he said.

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