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Man Asks His iPhone Where To Dump Room Mate’s Body

Man Asks His iPhone Where To Dump Room Mate’s Body

Man 'killed roommate then asked iPhone Siri how to hide body'
Police say Bravo asked Siri ‘I need to hid my roommate’ to which Siri suggested ‘Swamps, reservoirs, foundries, dumps’ (Picture: AP Photo)

A Florida court has heard how a man accused of killing his roommate didn’t know where to hide the body – so he asked Siri.

Pedro Bravo, 20, told Apple’s digital assistant ‘I need to hide my roommate’ after allegedly kidnapping and strangling Christian Aguilar in 2012 following an argument about Aguilar dating Bravo’s ex-girlfriend.

Bravo was charged with murder on 28 September 2012 though the body of his friend was not recovered until hunters stumbled across a shallow grave in a nearby forest several weeks later.

And according to evidence recovered from Bravo’s iPhone, Siri responded to his request:

This image from surveillance video in a Best Buy store in Gainesville provided by prosecutors shows Christian Aguilar, left, and Pedro Bravo together before Aguilar went missing, during the murder trial of Bravo in a courtroom in the Alachua County Criminal Justice Center in Gainesville, Fla. on Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014. Prosecutors said Bravo orchestrated a plan to kill a University of Florida student because of an obsession with a girl who had dumped him for the victim, Christian Aguilar, 18. (AP Photo/Prosecutor's Office via The Gainesville Sun)
CCTV footage from a record shop shows Bravo and Aguilar buying a Kanye West CD minutes before the car argument that led to the alleged murder (Picture: AP Photo)

‘What kind of place are you looking for?’ it asked.

‘Swamps, reservoirs, foundries, dumps.’

Police also found the flashlight function had been used intermittently later than evening, which police speculate was employed to navigate the woods where Bravo is alleged to have hid the body.

Bravo told officers that the pair had had a row in the car after buying a Kanye West CD, but said he had beaten his friend, not killed him

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