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Dele Momodu reveals: ” Same Mafia that annulled June 12, killed Abiola”
MKO Abiola: Remembered by Nigerians,

Dele Momodu reveals: ” Same Mafia that annulled June 12, killed Abiola”

Top Journalist and Publisher of Ovation International Magazine, Chief Dele Momodu has revealed that June 12, 1993 was not annulled by one man but a Mafia and the same mafia bosses eventually killed him.

Momodu made the assertion as Guest Speaker at a special June 12 Lecture organised by the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) held at The newly-opened COSON House, Ikeja Lagos.

He revealed that Nigeria was run by a Mafia and that it was the Mafia bosses and their Cappo Di Tutti Cappi (Boss of all bosses)that decide who rules Nigeria and they were not happy that a self-made, well-liked man like Abiola won the Presidency without their backing and support.

He said that when ordinary people are asleep, the Mafia bosses are busy plotting , and they are even at it presently with the state of health of President Buhari.He recalled his encounter with late Dr Rilwan Lukman in Vienna whom he had gone to persuade to join politics as Chief Olu Falae’s running mate.

Speaking extempore about his relationship  with late Chief MKO Abiola and the events leading up to the election adjudged as the freest and fairest  in Nigerian  history, Momodu noted that he had earlier written a personal  letter in 1991 to Chief Abiola asking him not to contest or that if he chooses to, he must stand on the side of the people and not the Republicans.

He stated that Abiola’s dream was to use the common wealth  of Nigeria to impact the lives of the people and that was reason his campaign slogan was Hope 93 and his vision   “Farewell to Poverty”.

He said it was to the credit of Abiola who built churches, mosques, donated N30m to 30 Federal Universities in one day and engaged in other philanthropic  work  that Nigerians voted massively for a Muslim-Muslim ticket, even beating his opponent Bashir Torfa in Kano, his homestead.

In his view “MKO was very prepared to be president, he had planned well for the job. He was an extremely intelligent man who was passionate about Nigeria and wanted the best the country”

He also told the audience some intimate moments with the late MKO and how he wss used to courier some information to the Publisher’s of Tell Magazine who were then publishing from hiding.

He stated that he was not involved with the pirate station,  Freedom Radio or  Radio Kudirat until he was tipped off about his arrest and he fled Nigeria into exile.

Chief Momodu also recounted with emotions his last discussion on phone with Abiola, how his trip to Gashua was aborted and how he and Abiola’s daughter planned to issue a statement to effect on the day he died.

He has promised to document his June 12 story in a book but called on all those who had any link with the late MKO: The people  who served him,Fed him,changed his sheets or interacted with him while in detention to come out with their own story or contact him.

“June 12 is a story worth  telling. It will never die  and no matter what the Mafia thinks,Nigerians will never forget June 12 or Chief MKO Abiola.


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