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Lassa Fever:Stop drinking garri with cold water
Dr Isaac Adewole: Minister of Health

Lassa Fever:Stop drinking garri with cold water

Are you a lover of drinking Cassava flakes popularly called garri with cold water?Well, you have to stop the practice for now as it could lead to you contacting the now dreaded Lassa Fever.

The advice was given by Dr. Furo Green, the Chairman of Rivers State branch of Nigerian Medical Association, NBA while speaking on the Lassa Fever scourge in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State Capital because according to him rats, which carry the disease are also exposed to garri

Dr Furo Green said the call became necessary as rats that cause Lassa fever are mostly in contact with garri. “Because you are not sure which garri has been infected by rats, its advisable to stay away. When you want to sip garri, you only pour cold water, add sugar and milk as the case may be.

“When you do that you only succeed in gulping a life virus that can cause Lassa fever. The virus is empowered easily to attack you. Rather, garri should be consumed in the traditional way prepare it well boiled hot water or pour the garri in a pot of boiling hot water and steer it.”

Dr. Green also advised members of the public to store food in closed containers to keep rats at bay. “When you buy foodstuffs like garri, you should pour it into a container that is covered to avoid the garri from being contaminated infected rats”.

He warned members of the public to keep personal hygiene of washing hands, keeping our environment clean of leftover food and other measures.


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