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The Internet’s Response To Manchester United

The Internet’s Response To Manchester United


You’ve got to love the internet, really. Manchester United, a club loved by millions of fans around the world for it’s rich culture of winning thought they’d left the Moyes Mistake (As it is now called) when they signed veteran Dutch coach Loius Van Gaal. Fast forward three weeks, a defeat and a draw to underdogs, Manchester United seems to have made yet another mistake.

United faced MK Dons Tuesday night and most fans decided they could skip the match since everyone expected the Premier League side to run riot, well, they were right, except their team were the riot police. By the end of the game, Loius Van Gaal (who is rumored to be receiving tactical lectures from David Moyes) was left with a red face, and thus began the legend of the Blushing Devils.

Trust the internet to respond and as a treat, I specially picked out a bunch of wacky tweets, vines and pictures. Blush on my people!!!

















Some people even introduced Kermit to the matter



This is my personal favourite


Even a female club took shots





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  1. Loooool tersoo, you’re crazy!!!

  2. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Brilliant compilation

  3. Say whatever you want, the fact remains that we are the Champions of England!!!

  4. Bwahahahahaha, yebaaaa! And they said Moyes was the problem!

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