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Improving Your Website Traffic: Buying Pageviews

MaxVisits is one of the most popular websites on the internet where users can buy visitors to their site. Whether you want to buy traffic to increase your Alexa rank, Google analytics, or even to increase your sales (like we did in our tests!) you need a store with real traffic. In this lens, we’ll review MaxVisits.com and tell you if their traffic is real or not using our investigative format to see through the eyes of a customer.
We tried it out because of all the reviews we had read on other websites and those we found at their website, but we were still skeptical. The last time we bought traffic it was all from robots who stayed on our page for about 1 second before they exited our page.
If you really want results you need real humans, and with interest targeting, you can actually get high conversion rates and real results! In our reviews, MaxVisits.com scored a 5 out of 5 on everything, and we found that their price point was one of the lowest on the internet. In general, MaxVisits is an excellent website and has earned an A+ on our scale!
They use good methods like expired domains, and parked websites so you get real visitors and traffic.


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