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Igbo Traders Endorse APC Candidates

Igbo Traders Endorse APC Candidates

The Igbo traders in Lagos at the weekend endorsed All Progressives Congress (APC) candidates at both national and state levels in the coming general elections.

Also, the state Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, assured all residents of the state of a level playing field in all aspects of life in the state.

The Igbo group had earlier met with the governor to register their support and willingness to mobilize all Igbo resident in Lagos to vote for APC at the Lagos House, Marina in Central Lagos, which was immediately followed by a meeting with the traders under the auspices of the Odun-Ade Building Materials Dealers’ Association.

Addressing the traders at the Banquet Hall of the Lagos House, Fashola said the State Government has never been interested in or acted in any way to indicate ethnic or religious discrimination in its policies, pointing out that his administration was only interested in serving the people of Lagos State.

The governor, who noted that although he could neither change how people chose to see themselves nor could they change how he chose to see himself, declared, “But I have said consistently, I don’t see you as Igbo men and women, I see you as Lagos residents and my duty to you is not different from my duty to any non-Nigerian, a diplomat, who lives in my state. It is the same duty that I owe”.

He expressed dismay that some people have chosen to whip up ethnic sentiments to create division among Lagos residents with the false allegation that non-indigenes were not being given the Permanent Voters’ Cards, pointing out that the allegation was not only false but also dangerous to the growth of democracy in the country.

Governor Fashola expressed happiness that members of the association brought their PVCs, adding, “So any objective member of the society will now see that the allegation is one in the many series of lies being peddled by our opponents. But they are very dangerous lies because we have not done anything in this State on the basis of indigeneship”.

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