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I would have sacked CBN Governor if I was in Jonathan’s shoes- Sanusi

I would have sacked CBN Governor if I was in Jonathan’s shoes- Sanusi


Emir of Kano, HRH Muhammad Sanusi II has confessed that he has not spoken to former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan since he lost the presidential elections and would have sacked the CBN Governor for making the comments he made, if he was the President.

Emir Sanusi who served as Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) under Jonathan told NdaniTV’s Ndubuisi Ugah that all he had with the former president was an official relationship. He also revealed that his life was in danger for his expose on the NNPC.

Sanusi with Jonathan: Not called yet

Sanusi with Jonathan: Not spoken yet

According to Sanusi “I have not spoken with him since he lost. I have always had a formal relationship with him. I met him in Abuja when I was made the Governor of CBN and he was the Vice-president. I worked with him in an official capacity. It’s not as if we are personal friends. I mean, if you have a job, you do your job.

I was the Governor of CBN, my job was that of stability. I know that there are some people who make their bosses happy. And I say that if bosses want to be happy, they go to their wives. My job was to keep inflation down, have a stable exchange rate, make sure the banks were safe, work on the payment system that includes financial inclusion. And that was my job. In doing my job, people might be happy or not. I cannot do the job the way my conscience does not say I should do it. There is no problem about that. If I see him (Jonathan), I will speak with him.

On the missing $billions in the NNPC, he stated “If you don’t want to get into trouble, you don’t ask uncomfortable questions. If you did the kind of things I did, you would be prepared for consequences. If I were President Jonathan too, I would also fire me as well. Other people would see and keep quiet and when you are not keeping quiet, you would face consequences.

Now we had the PriceWaterCooper report which said it was not $20 billion but $18.5 billion. But as far as I am concerned based on the PWC report, it means that $12.5 billion had been diverted and as Governor, it meant that money belonging to the federation was not coming and if we do not bring that money if oil price was high and ii crashes, we were going to have a major problems with exchange rate, economic growth, interest rate, inflation and so on. And since my job was stability, if I felt those leakages were potential source of instability, I had the responsibility to shout. So I did my job. I am only responsible for my actions. Heard the president felt he did what he had to do.

“I was warned before I got to the Senate that there would be consequences. It’s totally immaterial to think that I was not scared. I could have been shot or lost my life, locked up, arrested and held up by the DSS or accused of trumped up charges”.


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