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How Kola Aluko upstaged Kola Karim in London’s social circles
Kola Karim of Shoreline and Kola Aluko of Atlantic: The men who are shaking London social circles

How Kola Aluko upstaged Kola Karim in London’s social circles

Ten years ago, when you walk into Claridges and you announce that you are a friend of Kola (which they insist on pronouncing cola), you will be immediately given a Guest Experience Manager, which in local parlance means you will have personalised service. And the man they will be referring to is non other than, Kola Karim.

Fast forward today, and enter any top hotel or Restaurant’s in Mayfair or West End and you will be asked which Kola? In the last few years, the star power of polo-loving Kola Karim, MD/CEO of Shoreline Energy International has been overtaken by the arrival of the suave Kola Aluko, who is also into oil and gas as a top player in Atlantic Energy.

In terms of the good things of life, both multimillionaires in their 40s do not settle for anything but the best. They live life to the fullest. Fast cars, exotic homes and partying with the high, mighty and wealthy. For example while Kola Karim loves polo and actually hangs out with the British Royals, Kola Aluko is a racing enthusiast and hangs out with the cream of dollar billionaires.

Insiders reveal that both have a good collection of fast cars but Aluko two years ago overtook Karim with his acquisition of a latest model customised Bugatti Veyron “everyone who is somebody in the London upper crust knows the new King of fast toys is in London presently” an insider revealed.

Apart from loving fast cars, Aluko thumps Karim in that he is also a racer himself-. In December 2012, he competed in conjunction with Swiss-based Ferrari team Kessel Racing mates Thomas Kemenater and Maurizio Mediani and they came third in the final round of the Endurance Champions Cup held at Rome’s Vallelunga circuit in Italy.

That was not all, another interesting development was the story that spread like wild-fire that Aluko had acquired an Island off the coast of Switzerland from where he would be running his business-this news was one that further increased his rating and prestige in London, so much so that anywhere he entered, he was introduced as the Top Kola (cola). Of course, mention should also be made of the impressive Galactica, the yacht that Aluko owns that has been used by Beyonce and Jay Z for their holidays.

One has to mention though that both men are media shy and taciturn and except you have met them, you will not know who is which because they move around similar circles and are rarely photographed except of course if you are also a member of the British Social Royalty-made up of Royals, first-rate celebrities and millionaires. Granted both of them have this magnetic effect at high-octane parties that when they step into any shindig, the beat changes, but it must be said that the fact that Aluko has also been able to extend his tentacles across the Atlantic to the US where he fraternizes with A-list celebrities puts him ahead of his name sake.

Therefore, it can be said that when Nkem Okonkwo wrote the novel, My Mercedes-Benz is Bigger Than Yours” he may just have been referring to the way, Kola Aluko feels about Kola Karim presently.


  1. KK it will always be KK.
    It is the Chairman of the Board of my company.

  2. KK it will always be KK.
    He is the Chairman of the Board of my company.

  3. KK (Kola Karim) it will be always KK.
    He is the Chairman of the Board of my company.

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