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 Governor Dickson to Defectors  “You are ingrates and no threat to me”
Governor Dickon:tells defector, I am solidly on ground

 Governor Dickson to Defectors  “You are ingrates and no threat to me”

Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State has revealed that he does not see the defection of some Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC) as threat to his second term bid.

Speaking in Lagos, Governor Dickson said the PDP still hold the ace in the race, adding that the clout of the defectors was largely overblown. The Bayelsa Gubernatorial election is scheduled for December 2015..
According to him, the party is strongly on ground in all the local government areas as well as in all the 105 wards. He said all the three senators are from the PDP, while the party won 21 out of 23 seats in the  House of Assembly.
Dickson, who said he was yet to declare his second term bid, said: “I am still consulting, praying fervently and doing people’s work vigorously.”
He, however, enthused that if he finally decided to run for another term, his chances of winning would be “as bright as the northern star and as bright as it should possibly be. ”Dickson said his administration is loved by the people because of the people-oriented programmes that have been transforming the state in the past three and a half years.
“The situation in Bayelsa now is no shaking. When I declare and the real campaign starts, you will know that the election is there for the PDP to win. The defectors have exhibited the highest degree of political disloyalty and highest level of ingratitude. They have taught us the level an ingrate can go to show their true colour.
“We can’t stop people from moving, “in Bayelsa State, PDP is the only known party and it remains impregnable as ever.”

“So  their betrayal cannot stop me from being good and nice. I run the most inclusive administration. Their attitude is all propanganda to justifiy their betrayal and ingratitude. And since politics is about ambition, aspiration and calculation, people are bound to move. Serious politicians would want to be governor. It is not personal. The stakes are high now to enhance the temptation to move towards the centre for possible federal appointments,” Dickson said.
While admitting that he was concerned about the defection, the governor, who appeared unruffled pointed out that, “as a party man, I should be concerned because everybody in the party matters because everybody is a voter.

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