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Fayose, Speaker War Continues

Fayose, Speaker War Continues

Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose yesterday ordered the House of Assembly Speaker’s office shut.

Speaker Adewale Omirin’s spokesman Mr. Wole Olujobi said some men, acting on the governor’s directive, came to the office about 4pm, sealed it off and seized the Speaker’s official cars’ keys from the drivers, who were told to go home.

On Monday, seven of the 26-member House sat at the chamber, without the speaker and the deputy speaker.

Protected by policemen and a band of thugs, they “approved” the governor’s three commissioner-nominees and the list of members of caretaker committees for the 16 local government councils.

The rule of the House allows a minimum of nine-member quorum. To make up, “three strange people” joined the seven lawmakers.

But the governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Idowu Adelusi, denied the sealing off of the Speaker’s office. He described it as “another falsehood coming from a confused speaker”.

“We all know that the governor could not have ordered the speaker’s office be sealed up  (sic) because the existence of Adewale Omirin is insignificant to us and the people of Ekiti State having lost the honour.

“Besides that, Omirin’s driver is under the Assembly Commission, which could employ, promote, transfer or sack drivers and other staff of the legislature.

“What does the happening in the legislature or operations at the Assembly by the commission got to do with Governor Fayose? Omirin is totally confused and Ekiti people are fed up with their lies. His cries now is (sic) a ranting of an ant, he should be ignored totally.”

The governor had earlier ordered the freezing of the accounts of the Assembly, cutting off electricity supply to the Speaker’s Lodge and stopping statutory votes for the Speaker’s upkeep.

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