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Fayemi, Oni reply Fayose: “You are unfair, irresponsible”
Dr. Kayode Fayemi:

Fayemi, Oni reply Fayose: “You are unfair, irresponsible”


Minister of  Solid Minerals, Dr Kayode Fayemi has described the accusation of  Ekiti State Governor, Fayose that he was plotting to use underhand means to remove him as irresponsible and unfair.

Special Assistant on Media to Dr Fayemi, Mr Yinka Oyebode, said he would rather not dignify Governor Fayose’s rantings with a response.But it is simply a case of the wicked running when no one pursues.

“It would appear, Governor Fayose wakes up daily in search of new controversies and making one spurious allegation after another. And it does not really matter to him whether such allegations are reasonable, logical or sensible.

“This allegation is not only irresponsible, it is quite unfair to the two former governors of the state.

“And one is not surprised at this, because under Fayose, falsehood has been elevated to the level of statecraft, sustained by machinery of state.

“My advice to him is: Let the governor go and honour the promises he made to the Ekiti electorate (IF HE EVER MADE ANY). Let him pay workers their salaries, take governance more seriously and make the state safe for lives, property and investments. If he can do these, then he needs not fear anyone.

“However, this is certainly a poorly contrived alibi for his ineptitude and apparent low capacity for the serious business of governance.

“It is purely a cheap blackmail that will not fly,” he concluded.

This is not true —Oni

Also reacting, former Governor Segun Oni said “this is not true. I am not aware of anything like that.

“Please ask him (Fayose) for any evidence, not hearsay. Rumour peddling is not a dignified past time for a governor.”

Those calling for Fayose’s removal are jesters, ignorant—Ekiti Assembly

The Ekiti State House of Assembly, on Wednesday, lashed out those calling for what they described as ‘illegal removal’ of Mr Fayose.

The assembly also said the people were jobless and mediocres, who were only being used by their paymasters, who had been rejected at the polls by the people of the state.

The legislators noted: “There is one at their backyard in Abuja, who Nigerians are already clamouring for his removal for not keeping to his electoral promises, coupled with high-handedness, subjection of Nigerians to hunger and deprivation, untoward hardships and tendency to dictatorship and absolutism as a result of flagrant disobedience to court orders.

“They can easily call for

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