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Faleke Ta ku, teams up with Audu’s son, heads to court
Faleke with his former boss, late Prince Abubakar Audu

Faleke Ta ku, teams up with Audu’s son, heads to court

Leke Adeosun

We exclusively reported th

The new Gubernatorial candidate, Yahaya Bello

The new Gubernatorial candidate, Yahaya Bello

at Alhaji Yahaya Bello’s name has been sent to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) yesterday and it has come to pass but Hon. James Faleke, the running mate to late Prince Abubakar Audu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in Kogi has refused to accept the decision. He stood his ground, which in Faleke’s Yoruba language is called Ta Ku.
He has not only rejected the party’s choice of Yahaya as the APC’s new Gubernatorial Candidate for the Supplementary election, has gone ahead to declare himself as Governor-elect, chosen Mohammed, Abubakar Audu’ son as running mate and has vowed to go to court to challenge his party.

Since Audu’s death and the position of INEC that APC could replace Audu, the party has been engulfed in a crisis of succession. The party, which had earlier announced that it would conduct supplementary primaries to elect the late Audu’s successor, yesterday reversed itself by adopting Bello who was the runner-up in the primaries that produced the late Audu. But Faleke faulted the decision of the APC to adopt Bello, telling journalists at the National Secretariat of APC in Abuja, after a meeting of party leaders that lasted for six hours, that he remained the governor-elect. Faleke, who arrived at the party secretariat at 3:49pm with the late Audu’s son, Mohammed, expressed regrets over the decision of the party to adopt Bello.
He said he attended the meeting, with the belief that the party was going to discuss the way to settle the political imbroglio in Kogi State and not for the party to impose its decision on him. He said: “When we started the meeting, we discovered that the meeting we were invited for was just a mere briefing rather than being a meeting where we should have deliberated and find a solution to the quagmire we have found ourselves in Kogi State.
“We were only briefed about the position of the party. The party told us that they have nominated Alhaji Yahaya Bello. And of course, we made it very clear as a political family of Alhaji Abubakar Audu that that was not acceptable to us. We told them it is not acceptable and we are not going agree with it.
I personally noted that my name has been submitted to INEC as the deputy governorship candidate to pair with Yahaya Bello and I told the national chairman that I have submitted a letter to both INEC and the APC leadership that on no ground will I want to be associated with the decision of the party because I am already governor-elect.
“I also told the National Chairman that for us as the Kogi State political family, we are not going to take part in the supplementary election because I was not even consulted before that decision was taken. “We are

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