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FAAN denies owing energy company

FAAN denies owing energy company

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has denied being indebted to Ikeja Distribution Company (IKDC), but that instead it is airlines, concessionaires and organisations that are indebted to it.


The General Manager, Corporate Communications, FAAN, Mr Yakubu Dati, said this in an interview with Daily Independent while reacting to allegations in some quarters that the agency is indebted to IKDC, a situation they claimed may lead to black out at the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA) Lagos.

Dati reiterated that till date FAAN is not indebted to any company including IKDC, adding that the claim that the agency’s indebtedness may lead to black out at the airport is a deliberate attempt by organisations indebted to FAAN to blackmail it by preventing it from recovering the debts owed it. He added that what these organisations have embark on is mere distraction.

The General Manager stated that because FAAN had threatened to publish the names of airlines, companies and concessionaires indebted to it if they fail to pay up ,people are now bent on distracting the organisation from going ahead to recover the huge debts owed it.

According to him, “FAAN has to be paid for the services it rendered and that we are also able to meet up with our obligations and run an organisation that is service oriented like FAAN. So, it is not surprising that sometimes when we issue such short statement, there are those that would respond positively, there are those that would seek to distract the authority from its mission. I believe the issue of FAAN owing and as a result there would be black out at Lagos is a cheap blackmail. We are up to our responsibility .We are service provider who renders services and should be paid so that we meet our responsibilities. For the issue of blackout, don’t also forget that we are one of the best customers of IKDC in Lagos. In fact, they re even planning to write us letter of commendation because in the whole of this region FAAN is one agency that pay its bills regularly. At the end,  you will discover that FAAN is being commended for living up to its responsibility.”

He continued, “I believe this insinuation emanates from debtors of FAAN, who instead of paying for services provided by FAAN are going behind the radar to distract FAAN from carrying out its responsibility. Don’t also forget that we are service providers and that we also pay to those who give us service because you need one for the other to operate”.

Dati said that FAAN has six generators at the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA), Lagos that can service the airport, reiterating that there cannot be blackout at the airport.

On the latest on the debt recovery and efforts by the agency to reconcile accounts with debtor organisations, Dati said that the Debt Recovery Department of FAAN had already contact the affected companies even before the statement directing them to pay their debts was issued.

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