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ECWA confirms Shehu Sani’s allegations against Gov. El-Rufai “Ethnic Cleansing going on in Kaduna”
Mallam Nasir El Rufai:

ECWA confirms Shehu Sani’s allegations against Gov. El-Rufai “Ethnic Cleansing going on in Kaduna”

Christian leaders in Kaduna State have vowed to resist further efforts by Fulani herdsmen to unleash unprecedented violence on Christian communities, especially in Southern Kaduna, decrying Federal and state governments’ failure to address the massive killings in the area.

About 2000 pastors in charge of over 950 churches with about two million membership rose from the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) Districts in Kaduna State, ECWA 19 DCC fellowship recently, with a resolution that except something is quickly done to check what they described as ethno-religion cleansing by Fulani herdsmen, the fragile peace in the state would collapse.

“Since the violent after math of the 2011 Presidential Election, there have been increasing indications of the existence of a desperate, well-funded, organised and executed campaign not only to make life unbearable for the entire Southern Kaduna territory through threats, intimidation and psychological warfare, but also to occupy the land through what can only be described as ethno-religious cleansing by Fulani herdsmen militia,” the forum noted.

The ECWA church, which is considered as the biggest Christian denomination in the state, regretted that the campaign has been very devastating. Given a situation report, the forum noted with dismay that the herdsmen killed about 180 people in attacked chiefdom in Kaura Local Government Area and over 10,000 Christians were displaced in 2013 alone.

Also some Christian natives have been flushed out of 16 villages in the community which have been taken over by rampaging Fulani herdsmen, who have built permanent structures and turned the villages, namely Mayit, Agwom, Zakai Gira, Tunga Magwot, Telak, Zakum and Kirim, to grazing ground for their cattle.

Several ECWA churches were consequently destroyed, along with properties running into several millions. “It is deeply shocking that in the 21 Century, not only are Fulani militia carrying out a campaign of forced displacement and occupation reminiscent of previous centuries, but also that this is occurring so blatantly under the full gaze of a succession of modern, democratically elected governments.

“Even more worrying is the assertion by both the Kaduna State Government and many Fulani groups that 20,000 hectares of land is earmarked for the exclusive use of Fulani as grazing reserves in Sanga Locla Government Area.

Note that this is in addition to the lands that have already been seized by violence. “While we have always suspected a quest for territorial acquisition motivated the Fulani attacks, the press conference organised by Jema’a Foundation, Miyetti Allah and Mobgal Fulbe Development Association on November 7, 2016 confirmed that Fulani and Hausa Muslims are behind the ethnic cleansing and destruction of villages and houses of worship. They claimed they had to do this to entrench their rights to practice Islam, alleging they were being marginalized in Southern Kaduna.

In a statement signed by Abdullahi Hassan Mohammed, Ahmad M. Yandeh and Abdulhamid Musa, the groups also claimed that they were “irked into responding appropriately” in launching the Godogodo violence “.

The herdsmen descended on Ninte, Unguwra Anjo, Akwa, Golgofa, Godogodo, communities resulting to killing of 30 persons, 27, 819 people displaced, 326 injured, 326 homes burnt and six ECWA and Baptist churches raised while properties valued at billions of naira were destroyed, the report said. Beside, one Mr. Jonathan Usman, a member of ECWA Church Abadawa in Saminaka town, Lere LGA was scheduled to appear before a Sharia Court, the forum said:

. “He is being forced to appear before this court by the abductors of his 15 year old daughter, Sarah Jonathan. She was abducted and taken to the Emir of Saminaka’s palace on 16 August 2016.

Her abductors stated that they have married her off to an unknown person, on the pretext that she had converted to Islam. Yet, according to the laws of the land she is a minor who is subject to parental religion until reaching the age of majority, and who cannot marry without parental consent.

Efforts made to get the Kaduna State Government’s comment on halt the incident was not successful as several phone calls to Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s Media Adviser, Muyiwa Adekeye, were not picked. But El-Rufai has denied the allegation of ethnic cleansing, claiming that the attackers were non-Nigerians.

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