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Dele Momodu blasts Buhari’s Ministers “They are too timid, lack initiative”
Dele Momodu

Dele Momodu blasts Buhari’s Ministers “They are too timid, lack initiative”

Former presidential candidate under the National Conscience Party (NCP), Publisher of Ovation International Magazine and The Boss Newspapers, Bashorun Dele Momodu  has charged President Buhari to shake up his cabinet describing  the current Ministers as too uptight,  timid  people who have not been allowed to express themselves.

Speaking in an interview with The Punch, the top journalist stated “My support has never been a blank check. I gave my support; I still give my support. I will give him a chance. I believe he can still do something if he wants to.

“As I have advised in my articles, he needs to jazz up his cabinet. I believe that his cabinet is very weak and ineffectual. That is my opinion and that of many people, including one of his biggest supporters, (Pastor) Tunde Bakare.

“He needs to do something about his cabinet. He also needs to free them a bit. I think they are a bit uptight. They are too scared and timid. They look intimidated, like they don’t have the freedom to initiate anything. It is (evident from) the body language of the president.”

He added, “But the moment you make it (public offices) less attractive, and an average person can survive on his daily income, all those things will change. I believe Buhari is using the same methodology that someone like (former) President Obasanjo had established in his time.

“The system is not too different from what Nuhu Ribadu was operating: arrest, investigate, prosecute; and a lot of the times, you’ve already destroyed the accused on the pages of newspapers. So, you’re not sure if the person is innocent or not.

“For me, that is not the way to do it. The best way to do it is to, first of all, have a uniform standards for all public officials so that nobody feels discriminated against.”

Bashorun Momodu who scored  Buhari’s fight against corruption low, noted that it was similar to that of former President Olusegun Obasanjo. He faulted Nigeria’s definaition of corruption.

“I’ve always expressed my view about fighting corruption. I think while it is very desirable and necessary, there are more ways and methodologies to deal with corruption. Firstly, we must ask ourselves, ‘Why are people generally corrupt?’,” he said.

“The definition of corruption in Nigeria is faulty. People think that you have to be a minister or governor to be corrupt. But if we all agree that corruption is endemic, then we must go to the root cause.

“The root cause of corruption, in my view, begins with need before it graduates to greed. Can an average Nigerian survive on his income or salary? The answer is a big no.”

He noted that people must make ends meet by all means “because the natural instinct of man is survival.”

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