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Why Davido, Ice Prince clashed in Warri: The Unedited version
Ice Prince and Davido when the going was good

Why Davido, Ice Prince clashed in Warri: The Unedited version

Forget what you heard, the man who should know has revealed what really happened between Davido and Isaac at the Warri Concert organized by Quilox Boss, Shina Peller.

He has revealed that the spat was caused because Davido felt Ice Prince was disrespectful to the Show Organiser!

According to Peller, “My arrangement for the concert was to have a tour bus, so there was no time anyone had a saloon car. It was a tour boss which everyone was in including myself, my artistes, Lil Kesh, CDQ and everyone just so we are all together to have fun but along the line, I found that Davido had some friends in Warri

“Davido was in the same bus with all of us from the airport to the hotel, he used the same bus from hotel to Quest FM where he went for an interview before the show.

It was at Quest FM that Davido’s friends came to pick him with a White G-Wagon from the station to the hotel.So a vehicle was not the issue at all

On the spat over performance line up which reportedly upset Ice Prince because he performed before Lil Kesh.

He noted “Let me shock you, my artiste, Base One performed after Lil Kesh, so there was no superiority or hierarchy involved,I just wanted it to be a random event flow. The event even had two of my waiters at Quilox who sing and I got them to perform. We still have three more of this event before the year runs out”

He revealed that Davido was angry that Ice Prince felt he was bigger than the other members of the contingent, he was unhappy that he complained about the event flow and also when they got to the airport while others were outside in a room with a fan, Ice Prince was at the VIP!

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