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COZA Rape Scandal: Punch Sacks Editor Over Ofrensive Cartoon

COZA Rape Scandal: Punch Sacks Editor Over Ofrensive Cartoon

The rape scandal involving Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and Mrs Busola Dakolo has claimed a major victim- It is the Editor of Punch Daily, Martin Ayankola.

His sack followed outrage and backlash that greeted a cartoon published on the back page of the Punch last Thursday, July 4, 2019.

The paper had published on its back page a column, Thursday by Abimbola Adelakun, with the title “What Does Mrs. Fatoyinbo Know” and was illustrated with a cartoon of a man desecrating the bible with urine.

Ab inside source revealed  that the management and editorial board of the paper were angered and embarrassed by the reactions from several quarters on the publication, which many described as capable of inciting violence.

The Board immediately convened an emergency meeting on Monday where Ayankola, was summoned and directed to put in his resignation before the close of work

Interestingly, before, the latest incident, Ayankola had only returned from a one-week suspension. He was first appointed Editor of the PUNCH in 2013.

“It’s quite unfortunate but that is Punch for you. We have a standard that does not care whose ox is gored. The decision by the management and the editorial board also affected the cartoonist, who was also asked to tender his resignation letter,” the source said.

The source also disclosed that more heads are likely to roll in the course of the week as the management continues its investigation to find out those on the line who approved the cartoon on the column.

“It is not certain yet but the Chairman Editorial Board may also be affected. The columnist (Abimbola Adelakun) has also been asked to rest her column for now.

Meanwhile, the newspaper had also already apologised for the og

“On the back of the page of the Thursday, July 4, 2019 edition of the PUNCH, we published a cartoon to illustrate an article titled, ‘What does Mrs. Fatoyinbo know?’ The cartoon features a character desecrating the Holy Bible.

We apologise for the offensive cartoon and assure our esteemed readers that we hold the Christian faith in high regard.

We have since commenced the process of applying appropriate sanctions to the members of staff responsible, and we shall be reviewing our editorial process to prevent reoccurrence.”, the management wrote.

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