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Corruption:Buhari wants 90-day trial, special courts
President Buhari

Corruption:Buhari wants 90-day trial, special courts

President Muhammadu Buhari has submitted to the leadership of the judiciary, his requests for record-time trial of alleged looters of the nation’s treasury, according to an investigation by Nigeria Tribune.

The demands, expected to be met by the judiciary led by the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Mahmud Mohammed, are reportedly creating ripples in the judiciary, due to what a high-profile source termed “the unconstitutionality of some of them (demands).

Nigerian Tribune gathered that Buhari is demanding a time-frame to such trials, with 90 days (three months) reportedly proposed.

Judges, adjudged upright, are also to be head-hunted by the CJN for Buhari’s administration anti-corruption war.

The demands, reportedly approved by the president, were said to have been packaged by the presidential committee on anti-corruption war headed by Professor Itse Sagay.

The courts being manned by the targeted judges are also to become mainly anti-corruption courts, handling only alleged corruption trials.

The dedicated courts are said to be focussed on clearing the backlog of pending alleged corruption cases, involving many past public office holders whose trials had been stalled despite being out of immunity cloak.

An earlier attempt in the life of the administration yielded little success as many of the handpicked judges for consideration, failed the integrity test conducted by security agencies.

It could not be confirmed if a new set had been shortlisted for the presidency’s desire.

A senior source privy to the demands disclosed that there are other ancillary desires of the president for the demanded quick dispensation of justice that clashed with human rights of accused persons and constitutional provisions.

Buhari’s Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, had been practically on the road, sensitising the populace on why the human rights of suspects and accused persons in alleged corruption cases, are being abridged by the current administration.

Last week in Lagos, he said the human rights of the suspects in the alleged arms deal corruption case ended where that of others negatively affected by their actions, began.

It was learnt that Buhari is seeking the support of the judiciary leadership to stop giving bail to accused persons, throughout the period their trials would last, a period expected not to be more than three months.

Interlocutory appeals to higher courts are also expected to be stopped in the course of the accused trials.

Many of the stalled trials are being held by interlocutory appeals to higher courts where they usually pend for a longer period, with their pendency expected to stall the trial at the lower courts.

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