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“Corruption is a spirit, living in human beings”-Senator Borrofice
Senator (Prof.) Robert Ajayi Boroffice

“Corruption is a spirit, living in human beings”-Senator Borrofice

Senator Robert Borrofice representing Ondo North has revealed that the fight against corruption will not be easy because corruption is a spirit.

In an interview with Leadership Newspaper, the Senator stated “Corruption is a dangerous thing that is not easy to fight because it is a spirit. It dwells with human beings. So definitely they will fight back, that is what we are seeing now. I think exposing corruption the way we did is a milestone. It takes courage for a government to expose corruption. Now people are careful about stealing government money. In a way, this government has scored very high in terms of corruption but more needs to be done.  We can eradicate it 90% but we must have a change of attitude. As a people, we must decide that, we don’t have to steal to live well. Institutions like judiciary, police, intelligence and the rest that are fighting corruption have to be sanitized…
He was also asked if he would recommend capital punishment for looters and he replied “There must be a well-defined description of who is a looter because if you are not careful, people might use it to fight their political enemies. I believe that whatever punishment that needs to be given should be given to the looter. When you plunder the treasury, you are endangering the lives of millions of Nigerians, so it is something that has to be taken seriously and addressed as such. I don’t mind capital punishment.
On reviving the economy, he stated “The government is trying. But one of the major problems is that we do not have adequate infrastructure to support economic activities particularly electricity. But the organized and non-organized private sectors all depend on electricity. We have to put that in place. We have to expand our based. We operate a monolithic economy which depends on crude oil. Government must do more to improve agriculture, but the problem we will have is the issue of farmers/herdsmen clashes. I want to go into farming in my local government but I am having a second thought because of herdsmen. Government have to take serious steps to address the menace of herdsmen else it will discourage many people from going into agriculture. The service section should be expanded, we need to ensure that ICT extends to the lowest level. We need to participate in the global economy of service provision.

Additional report from: Leadership.ng

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