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How CBN Bullion Van Almost Killed Governor Amosun
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How CBN Bullion Van Almost Killed Governor Amosun

Ogun State Governor, Senator  Ibikunle Amosun narrowly escaped death yesterday as reckless Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Bullion Van rammed into his convoy and almost ran him into a ditch at the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

Recountimg the scary incident, Adejuon Soyinka, the Governor’s Senior Adviser said, “The CBN convoy, driving dangerously, attempted to overtake the governor’s convoy without regards for the safety of other road users. On sensing danger, the Ogun governor’s escort commander used a public address system mounted on his vehicle to warn the CBN convoy to desist from such reckless driving.

“Not only was the governor’s escort commander ignored, the CBN convoy driver went ahead to crush his vehicle and subsequently went after other vehicles in the governor’s convoy, including the governor’s official car, before they were brought to a halt by the security team attached to the governor.”

Amosun in his reaction stated, “This is lawlessness and the height of impunity.”

He added that, “If this could happen to a governor within his territory, you can imagine what they would do to our citizens who are simply going about their legitimate business.”

Amosun expressed disappointment with the reckless manner in which the drivers of the CBN bullion vans convoy often conducted themselves on the road and warned that such acts of impunity would not be tolerated within the borders of Ogun State.

“We will not allow such senseless and reckless behaviour in Ogun State,” Amosun said.

This is not the first time the governor would have cause to personally caution CBN convoy drivers in Ogun State.

On many occasions, Amosun had to personally turn back reckless CBN bullion van drivers who often drive against the traffic on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.


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