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Innoson Motors Roll Out Cheap Made in Nigeria Cars

Low and middle class Nigerians desiring to drive brand new cars would have their dreams realised in no distant future Innoson Group of Companies, manufacturers of cars, buses, tankers and other products, would as from 8, August introduce brand new cars into the Nigerian automobile market at the cost of N1.5million only. The chairman and chief executive of the company, ... Read More »

Introducing The All New Android-L OS

We’ve only had Android L in its Developer Preview form for about a week now, but there has already been some incredible discoveries that weren’t part of the keynote presentation. Google’s next update is by far the most ambitious change to the Android platform to date, and we say that knowing full well Google has only revealed a small portion ... Read More »


After a long and rumor-riddled wait, Apple is finally set to begin mass production of its unannounced but frequently talked about smart watch this coming July, which will make it ready for shipping by October. According to a report released by Reuters cites supply-chain sources who spoke on condition of anonymity that Taiwan’s Quanta Computer is currently conducting trial production ... Read More »

Spectranet, Taking Speed To New Levels

Anyone who follows the Nigerian Telecommunications scene would have to admit that the rate at which Nigerians have swiftly switched towards the internet, is seriously commendable. 10 years ago, the internet wasn’t such a big deal. Mails were mostly just the activities an average Nigerian of that time would involve in. But 10years on and suddenly, emails have almost become ... Read More »

Steve Jobs Really Did Envy The Android

Steve Jobs, the CEO and public face of Apple until his last days in 2011, never seemed to lack confidence in his product. However, a newly uncovered e-mail that Jobs sent to Apple execs exposes some jealousy toward Google’s Android, going as far as mentioning a “holy war” between the two tech giants. As pointed out by Apple Insider,Jobs 2010 ... Read More »

Good News For Blackberry 10 Users as Android Officially Launches

Good news for BlackBerry 10 users today as the Canadian company announce a new deal they have struck with Amazon which will see the Amazon Appstore become available on BlackBerry 10.3 later in the year. Although getting Android apps onto our BlackBerry 10 handsets is pretty straight forward once you know how, this new partnership will provide a seamless way for the consumer to get hold ... Read More »

FIFA 15: The Road to Next-Gen

“Feel the game”, that’s EA’s tagline for FIFA 15. Rather than a spurious marketing message, this latest slogan for the long running series is backed up by a clutch of additions and amendments concerned with enhancing the realism of the action on the pitch and improving the presentation elements off it. Unlike FIFA 14, the PC version of the latest ... Read More »


My account’s been compromised! Who wrote this on my wall! What happened to my password! This is the familiar cry from someone who has been ‘patronized’ by the newest threat since Osama……HACKERS.   The world has suddenly transformed to a virtual space in which almost everything is supervised by a computer. Mails, ATMs, Banking, Airline Ticketing, Stock Marketing, e.t.c are ... Read More »


UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media has drastically changed how we communicate. Not too long ago, we communicated through the mail, on a land-line telephone, and in person. Today, we send text messages; leave voice messages; use instant messenger; send emails; talk through headphones, cell phones, and online video phones; and, of course, interact through the Internet where a plethora of ... Read More »

Clash of the Web Browsers

Browser makers all say they want websites to be able to do everything that standalone applications are capable of.. For this to happen, browsers need a lot more capabilities and lot more speed. The good news? Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), and Opera are headed in exactly that direction. Today’s browser can both do more things with your ... Read More »