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Cameroon Shuts Seas Against Nigeria

Cameroon Shuts Seas Against Nigeria

Probably due to the ongoing Ebola rage in the country, Cameroon has shut it’s seas against any Nigerian traveller. Although this hasn’t been officially passed, it was still a sight as passengers en-route to the country were left stranded at various points especially Calabar.

Authorities of the NIWA jetty refused to comment on the development however, the passengers, who wore disappointing looks on their faces, were seen discussing in clusters.

Those who volunteered to speak, after much pressure, said they were instructed by security personnel at the Inland Waterways not to speak to the press about the development.

One of them, Mr. Anthony Obi, appealed to the Federal Government to intervene urgently, noting that the development would negatively affect Nigerian traders doing business in Cameroon.

Obi said, “What I am suggesting is for the government of Nigeria to take serious measure about it. Otherwise, Nigerian traders doing business in that country will suffer.”

He suggested that the Federal Government should mount an equipped health post in the waterways.

The stranded passenger said such measure would go a long way to assuring the government of Cameroon on the health status of intending Nigerian passengers.

“I am suggesting that the government should take serious measure on health screening; so that the people with good health can go about their businesses,” he said.

Obi, who could not continue with his trip to Cameroon, had no option than to return back to his Anambra home state.

Also reacting, another Nigeria-Cameroonian businessman, Austin Chukwu, called on the Federal Government to wade into the matter, as most Nigerian traders have become worried as a result of the development.

Chukwu said, “I don’t know what the Federal Government is doing about it. We are using this medium to call on the Nigeria government to intervene in this matter to alleviate the sufferings on the masses, especially the Igbo traders.

“As you can see, most of these passengers are now stranded because the Cameroon/Nigeria border has been sealed off for fear of Ebola. Some of the Cameroonians are here. They are also stranded; no vessel is coming in, no vessel is going out.”

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