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#BuyNaijatoGrowtheNaira:Ben Bruce takes delivery of Innoson SUV

#BuyNaijatoGrowtheNaira:Ben Bruce takes delivery of Innoson SUV

When he began his Common Sense campaign, not many took him serious but Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has put his money where his mouth is by buying a locally-assembled Sports Utility Vehicle by Innoson Vehicles Limited.

The vehicle was personally delivered to the  Bayelsa Senator by a powerful team of Innoson Executives and an elated Senator Ben Bruce proudly stated on his facebook page “As I promised, Dr. Innoson Chukwuma has delivered my Innoson cars which I will now use as my official car. I ordered two of his vehicles. An SUV and a Sedan. I paid for it with my personal funds, not government money. The cars are lovely. Go and get yours. #BuyNaijaGrowtheNaira.



Senator Bruce who is set to host a mega party in Lagos this weekend to celebrate is 60th birthday was given a few minutes of tutorials before he revved the “tear rubbber” SUV into life to the admiration of all present.

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