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Bristow Helicopter’s black box found
Bristow Helicopter's black boxes at scene of acciden

Bristow Helicopter’s black box found

Three days after the Bristow helicopter crash, the Accident Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Aviation has revealed that it has found the accident recorder known popularly as the black box.

The black box is a device which captures flight conversations and the final moments before any aircraft crash. The two boxes where found after several hours of search by professional divers at the scene of the crash.

A statement signed by the head of communication of AIB, Tunji Oketunbi, said,“the search party led by Julius Berger with the assistance of hired divers located the recorders, which are expected to assist the investigators in unraveling the cause of the accident in which four passengers and two crew members died. Six other passengers are receiving treatment at a private hospital.

“The Flight Data Recorder (FDR) contains data generated from different parts of the aircraft including the engines and the avionics while the Cockpit Voice Recorder will unveil conversations within the cockpit and between the pilots and the Control Tower,” AIB said.

“The Accident Investigation Bureau announced today that the flight recorders, popularly known as black boxes, to the Sikosky 76 helicopter that crashed into the lagoon in Oworonshoki area of Lagos on Wednesday 12 August, 2015 have been recovered.”

The cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder are the vital components that aid investigation to determine the cause or causes of accidents, the roles played by the pilot, the conversation between the cockpit and the tower and all the manoeuvring are captured in the equipment.

AIB said the Sikosky 76 helicopter marked 5N-BGD and operated by Bristow Helicopters was believed to have departed SEDCO oil platform offshore and crashed shortly before scheduled landing at Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.

The Bureau explained that the biggest part of the wreckage of the ill-fated aircraft was recovered on Thursday but without the black boxes so the search was resumed on Friday.
In continuing the search, AIB said it went further to retrieve documents and other materials from Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) and the airline operator.

“Other information will be released to the public as they unfold and according to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Annexe 13.”

Meanwhile, six people who survived the 5N-BDG-760540 Bristow helicopter crash have been receiving treatment at the St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos.

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