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Breaking:Vote of No Confidence on Zuma Fails
South African President Jacob Zuma

Breaking:Vote of No Confidence on Zuma Fails

By Michael Effiong

The Africa National Congress (ANC) members in the South African Parliament have today defeated the opposition’s Motion of No Confidence Vote on President Jacob Zuma

The votes as declared by the Speaker were as follows: No 198 to Yes 177 with 9 Absentations. This is a crushing defeat for the opposition, EFF and DA, who had insisted on a secret ballot hopping that some ANC members will break ranks and support the motion.They needed at least 26 members to cross to their side and vote Yes to the opposition-sponsored motion.

Earlier during debate before the votes were cast, the opposition based its speeches on conscience and asking the members to vote against party lines and put the nation first. While the ANC harped on the fact that the Motion itself was ill-advised, a  political coup d’etat not aimed at Jacob Zuma but at the taking power from the ANC.

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