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Behold The Man Who Raped 2 year old at Highbrow Chrisland School

Behold The Man Who Raped 2 year old at Highbrow Chrisland School

This Man right here is a Rapist!

The man in the picture is Adegboyega Adenekan . He is a Supervisor at Chrisland School Lekki . And he has been raping minors at Chrisland School, Lekki for years!

A video of a two year, 11 month-old pupil of Chrisland School, Lekki, Lagos portraying her alleged serial defilement by the school’s supervisor was played at the Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court and it was very moving.

The video was played during the testimony of Miss Olive Ogedengbe at the trial of Adegboyega Adenekan, 47, a Supervisor at Chrisland School over defilement of a child.

In the recording, Child X was given a sheet of paper and asked to draw the private part of Adenekan, which she did as well as another image with the ensuing questions.

Child X, referring to the other image said:”that is the hand he used to put in my wee wee.

�Ogedengbe: “Where is Mr Adenekan’s wee wee?”�Child X in response, pointed to her private area.

Ogedengbe: “Does he put his wee wee in your wee wee?”�Child X: “Yes.”

Child X in the recording, using a teddy bear as a puppet, also showed how the supervisor allegedly sexually abused her friend (name withheld).

Kissing the private region of the teddy bear, the child can be heard saying in the video recording “Your bum bum is delicious, your bum bum is sweet, I will eat your bum bum.”

She (Child X) said “Mr Adenekan said it is good for a child to put her wee wee in Mr Adenekan’s wee wee” at that point in time we decided to do a recording to ensure her story remains consistent.

“We asked her how does Mr Adenekan’s wee wee look like and she demonstrated playfully by pointing her finger upwards stating “sharpener”.

“We asked sharpener or pencil? She stated `sharpener.’

We told her to draw Mr Adenekan’s wee wee. We want to see what it looks like.

“To my greatest shock and surprise, for a two-year-old child, she drew a picture which symbolises a reproductive organ of a man in the form of a penis.

“I then asked her, show me your wee wee, she pointed at her private part. I asked her to show me where Mr Adenekan’s wee wee is and she pointed at the lower region of her private part.


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