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BBC: Malaysian Earthquake Caused By Nude Tourists!!!

BBC: Malaysian Earthquake Caused By Nude Tourists!!!

Seismologists say it is hard to predict earthquakes, but a senior official in the Malaysian state of Sabah claims he had a premonition that “something was not well” a day before the earth shook beneath Mount Kinabalu.

Friday’s 6.0-magnitude quake near one of South East Asia’s highest peaks on Borneo island killed 16 climbers, including several school children. Rescue crews are still looking for two more bodies.

Sabah’s deputy chief minister, Joseph Pairin Kitingan, says this tragedy is connected to a group of Western tourists who recently posed nude on the peak and allegedly cursed at a local guide for trying to prevent them from stripping.

Pictures of the half-dressed group have been widely circulated online. Mr Pairin says the tourists made the spirits of the mountain angry.

“The quake can be taken as a confirmation of what we feared could be the consequence of their actions,” he told local reporters.

“We have to take this tragedy as a reminder that local beliefs and customs cannot be disrespected.”

The day before the quake struck, he said he saw a flock of birds circling for half an hour and took it as a bad sign.

Local people believe Mount Kinabalu is the final resting place for their ancestors and is sacred.

Not all Sabahans think the Western tourists’ stunt caused the disaster but many agree that the incident was insulting.

“I can’t say whether the tourists caused the quake or not. We’re a modern society but we also have local customs that have to be respected,” says a Mount Kinabalu climbing guide named Supni.

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