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Arsenal wins Community Shield as Wenger shuns Mourinho
Arsenal's Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, right, celebrates after scoring winning goal

Arsenal wins Community Shield as Wenger shuns Mourinho


The shine was taking off the historic victory of Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal over Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea as the triumphant winning coach failed to shake the hands of his opponent.

The season-opening FA Cup Community Shield game was given a competitive edge when Mourinho told reporters that he had nothing to fear from Arsenal as Wenger had never beaten him.

This statement added to his famous description of Wenger as a Professor of Failure gave the ordinarily non-competitive encounter a different feel. The game itself ended 1-0. It was won by an Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain curler, giving Wenger his first ever win over Mourinho.

Wenger had not beaten the Chelsea boss in 13 previous meetings and this win may just be a huge psychological victory for the Gunners ahead of next week’s beginning of the 2015/2016 season.

Mourinho in the spirit of the Charity nature of the occasion, waited after the medal presentation to hug and shake many Arsenal players including goal keeper Peter Cech, but was completely ignored by Wenger who climbed down the famous stairs of Wembley, looked the  other away, pretending as if Mourinho was not there!

In disgust, Mourinho threw his medal to the crowd and the lucky one was a young boy who so delighted that he was jumping and pumping his fist in sheer joy.


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