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From Agege to Ikoyi, The Story of Sujimoto, The Guy Who Wants to be Nigeria’s Donald Trump

From Agege to Ikoyi, The Story of Sujimoto, The Guy Who Wants to be Nigeria’s Donald Trump

Call him ambitious, focused and very hardworking you will not be wrong. Mr. Sijibomi Ogundele fondly called Sujimoto was born and bred in Agege, a suburb of Lagos, but has through a dint of luck, tenacity and back-breaking grit moved to hobnobbing and owning properties in Ikoyi, the most posh part of Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital.

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Now a venture capitalist, Investment Strategist, Sijibomi who is a stickler of perfection has taken his love for building and the art to another level by his adventure into real estate and indeed he has told www.thelightnews.com in an interview that he one day wants to be Nigeria’s own Donald Trump in terms of owning prime properties around the country.

Sujimoto has always been strategically aligned with excellence, as illustrated in the strategic partnership with the visionary real estate maestro, Mr. Yazeed Alrahji, Chairman of DAEM Real Estate Investment Company Saudi Arabia.


Our encounter with Sijibomi was engaging and enlightening, he talked about how he was born to parents Agege to parents who were business-driven but not rich, he verred into how a he travelled to Europe and met some good natured people who directed him into investments and today, he is back home in Africa to make hay.

According to him “We are a real estate development firm with a young vibrant team with an obligation to bridge the gap in the provision of exceptional luxury structures all over Nigeria with Lagos as the starting point.

“Our mission is to simply satisfy our clients but to go the extra-mile and deliver on high quality and construction.

He told us that his first major project was Lincoln Avenue, a set of 16 Town Houses of 4 bedroom apartments (in conjunction with Wonda World/Petronia) in Accra, Ghana. Today, Sujimoto has now taken his love for delivering upscale buildings to Nigeria with Medici Luxury Terraces Milverton Ikoyi (7 Units of Terrace houses comprising of four bedrooms built with the highest quality materials and showcases top notch finishing).

Medici Terraces is a symbol of all things Sujimoto, the finishing is first-rate, the furnishing is upcale and the design luxuriously elegant. The seven detached terrace apartments comprising of four bedrooms and a pent room in each unit has such facilities as: 150KVA generators, fitted Italian Kitchens with complimentary double door refrigerator, oven, dishwater and microwave oven.

In addition, there is a rooftop lounge, state of the art gym, personalized gardens, free 4G internet and centralized CCTV, hi-tech gate access and 24-hour security.

Sujimoto told us that his next major project will be Cosimo…. An epic monolith with 15 floors, and one hundred rooms;¬†¬†distinguished into 3,2 and 1 bedroom apartments fully serviced apartments.

With a smile playing around his face, he told us that Cosimo will be a cynosure of all eyes and a landmark of its kind in Lagos metropolitan skyline.

He told us that he is driven by the words of an Italian Architect, Cosimo de Medici, who said, I am a Ruler, who accepts the authority of no-one except God

According to him, the bottom is too crowded, so we decided to be at the top.”We are gambling on our vision, we would rather gamble than allow our environment dictate our destiny.”. We are set to make a serious statement” the youngman stated gleefully.

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One of his mega prjects, The Medici

One of his mega projects, The Medici


Inside The Medici

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new cosimo

His Next Project, The Cosimo

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  1. Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Okonma

    Sir i am driven and motivated by you, your background and history is a story of a legend. I also want to fly high and be on the top but have got this issues which are:
    1) how do i start
    2)how can i get that vision
    3)what are the steps to take in attaining good result
    4)i really want to think outside the box but each time i try nothing is forth coming
    5)i have nothing doing right now, i really don’t know where to start from.
    I really need your guideline sir, pleas coach me.

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